A Simple Formula for Mastering SEO the Easy Way

By: Ananya Biswas

11 March 2019


Can you figure out all the facets and nuances of SEO? Is it possible? Probably, Not! It could be as perplexing and difficult as trying to decipher an ancient language. Indeed, there’s a myriad of varied factors which determine the Google ranking of your website and also there’s a constant update of Google’s algorithms which shift continuously. Does it mean that SEO is unpredictable? Fortunately, it’s not like that. Just...

Machine Learning and Search: Doing SEO When the Future Is Now

By: Ananya Biswas

18 January 2019


The era of machine learning has arrived now and we are getting smarter with each passing day. Aren’t we? Well, it is true that the impact of this smart technology is much more significant than...

Don’t Let Your Rebranding Destroy Your SEO

By: Ananya Biswas

10 December 2018


Planning for a rebrand soon? Well, it can certainly help you beat your competitors when done perfectly. But, this is not going to be an easy feat. There’s so much for you to reckon with-...

The Complete Guide to Blogging for your Business

By: Shahid Abbasi

1 November 2018


A successful blog will become the heart of a business; the content engine, the customer acquisition system and the platform to develop thought leadership in an industry. At Blurbpoint Media, we’ve built a business around...

Think Like Your Customers to Get the Right Keywords

By: Sanket Patel

22 September 2018


There are many SEO agencies claim to bring huge traffic to your website. Read some SEO blogs about genuine ways to attract more traffic to identify such fake SEO practitioners. A right SEO expert will...

10 Marketing Lessons from Apple[Infographic]

By: Bakul Sengal

4 September 2018


Are you stuck in a content marketing rut? Don’t worry – it happens to the best of us! To help you gain some perceptive and get inspired for your next big campaign, it’s always a...