By: Ananya Biswas

18 January 2019


The era of machine learning has arrived now and we are getting smarter with each passing day.

Aren’t we?

Well, it is true that the impact of this smart technology is much more significant than you might be even aware of. Some of the best examples of the grand aura of machine learning in the world of the internet are the Netflix recommendations of movies, automatic recognition of a face by the search engine, voice commands by Siri or Google Assistant and what not!

Yes! all these high-end technological attributes are the gifts of nothing but the machine learning algorithm. One of the major reasons behind such an upgrade in the level of human living is the Google’s mission from the very beginning to ‘organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’.

Undoubtedly, it could be considered as one of the most tedious goals that Google has ever set for itself but it is evident that there will be 50 times more data available in the year 2020 when compared to 2010.

How are the things changing?

Google has gradually started understanding things in a much more deeper way than before. Along with that, SEO is also experiencing a radical and continuous change. Hence, the end users are getting the best results nowadays to satisfy their intent. Undoubtedly, content has become an integral and significant aspect of the greatest conversion in terms of native advertising.

If your content is not able to serve users with a remarkably positive experience then you will certainly have a really challenging time to rank your business in the top positions. As the machine continues to learn constantly and get even smarter, viable content tends to be very crucial for SERPs and reputation management of your business.

The Impactful Machine Learning Revolution

Machine Learning is nothing but a class of algorithms which can let computers understand how to handle various tasks without getting programmed about how to do them.

One of the biggest examples of the power of unsupervised machine learning to date is AlphaGo. It is a huge project which belongs to DeepMind. AlphaGo has been programmed in such a way that it is able to learn the classic ancient game Go.

It was certainly not a simple task to develop this. Go is made of 10171 positions. Isn’t it a massive number?

It was totally impossible to provide AlphaGo with all the explicit instruction for each of its possible move. So, while providing the desired instruction and training on Go strategy, the algorithm of the game learned to stimulate playing while the aura of the game was constantly improving.

What was the result?

In 2016, Alpha Go had beaten the topmost Go human player existing in the world.

How is machine learning going to change the face of SEO?

One of the biggest new responsibilities of SEO executives now is to make sure that they have content which is relevant and useful for all kinds of devices, formats, and platforms.

If it is done so then they could end up optimizing for RankBrain.

Now, the main objective of Google is to connect fabulous content to potential customers while keeping the customer journey in mind. Hence, to curate content around the intent is the perfect approach that marketers will be opting for. The role of SEO executives has changed. They aren’t search engine optimizers anymore and just knowing about effective SEO tools is not enough. Rather, they are referred as content experience analysts.

A strong and effective content strategy, social listening, and new content development are going to be the current SEO trends with the advent of machine learning.

How is RankBrain Applying Machine Learning?

A Google spokesperson revealed, “RankBrain is able to represent strings of text in a very high-dimensional space, and ‘see’ how they relate to one another.”

What’s the actual meaning of this?

Read on

First of all, each and every word of the target language is denoted to a unique vector number. Next, what RankBrain does is that it analyzes right use of the language and pinpoints how that word is used in the in various ways. It will further end up letting you understand the following concepts:

Rankbrain concept

Now, let’s expand this scenario in such a way that Google has recognized is one that RankBrain considers. Just check out an example of a query in which a positively-ignored stop word is important to the intent of the searcher.

Can you get 100% score on Super Mario without a walkthrough?

If you consider prior to RankBrain then Google has discarded the word ‘without’ from the query. With that, the meaning was completely changed. Precisely, Google will return with pages which are having walkthroughs.

Whereas, what the users expected were such pages which revealed how to get a 100% score without a walkthrough. Finally, RankBrain is helping the regular Google algorithm deliver the right results. If you want comprehensive information on that then explore the study called RankBrain: A Study of its Impact.

What will Google Machine Learning Algorithms expect?

The use of machine learning alg0rithms by Google is not limited up0 to RankBrain only. It is anticipated to have some bigger roles in the future. The genuine possibilities of that include everything starting from assessing content quality to measuring relative authority and analyzing social media signals.

Where do Google and SEO stand with machine learning now?

You might be pretty exciting to think that Google is using machine learning in every aspect but the scenario is pretty much not the same. There are several reasons behind that and a few of them are that they require the perfect training data, the difficulty of edge cases and length of testing.

However, you can totally expect that in spite of such hurdles, Google is still giving due importance to some of such specific areas which could get highly benefited from machine learning.

What are such expected areas?

It can be anywhere where a solution is beyond human-generated algorithms and for which they can construct a rigid data set.

How to get ready for machine learning in search?

When it comes to the significance of machine learning in terms of SEO, you must keep some important things in mind. They are:

  • The basic technicalities of SEO like earning good and relevant links, content quality etc. will be still the same in the age of machine learning.
  • With the constant updates in algorithms, the inadequate content will be expelled out rigorously.
    You are required to work a lot and put efforts on upgrading your authority.
  • It is crucial to enhance the user satisfaction level with your site because as Google will be working based on machine learning, you can’t afford to show a sore thumb.
  • Try to develop your brand as the most wanted one while fulfilling the customer’s demand completely and Google will eventually showcase you to them.

Over to You

So, this is how machine learning and Google together is going to change the entire scenario of search engine optimization in the future. It’s definitely the time to get ready for a sharper and smarter search in the coming years. Be constantly updated and let the magic wand of machine learning take your brand’s Google search rankings up to the next level.

Ananya Biswas


Ananya is a senior content writer at Blurbpoint Media. She creates content that helps clients grow their businesses.

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By: Shahid Abbasi

17 August 2018


Digital marketing has been evolving rapidly ever since the popularization of the Internet and information technology. Less than a few decades ago, marketing efforts were limited to radio or television advertisements. Fast forward to now, and nearly every business has the chance to speak their mind, which is great…or at least, it should be.

While the increased availability of digital marketing presents small businesses with unique opportunities, the explosion in digital marketing popularity introduces some potential issues as well. One of the most significant challenges entrepreneurs face is standing out from their competition, which can sometimes be quite tricky because of the similarities in marketing strategies and market saturation.

It’s essential for small business owners to find ways to increase the effectiveness of their digital marketing strategy, to increase their conversion rate as much as possible.

Here is a list of the three critical digital marketing tactics that will not only improve your upcoming marketing campaigns but help your conversion rate soar as well.

Optimize Both The Mobile And Desktop Marketing

If you aren’t very familiar with the differences between desktop marketing and mobile marketing, fret not. It is not that hard to develop an intimate understanding of the driving forces behind users motivation to engage with your business. In other words, what converts potential customers into paying customers is the key to digital marketing success.

Smooth site navigation and pages that load quickly are universally appreciated. However, keep in mind that what works for desktop doesn’t necessarily translates so smoothly to the smaller touch screen of mobile devices.

Optimize your site for each and every platform, make it attractive and simple to use, and the visitors will be happy to return.

Prioritize Customer Experience

To create a positive experience for your customers, focus on their sales journey which is pretty straightforward: awareness, consideration, and conversion. The success of this sales journey relies upon your ability to reduce any friction present.

Your website copy should be decent, clear and convincing. Include calls to actions that are specific and easy to follow. Navigating the site should be as simple as you can make it. Focusing on this minimizes chances of friction that users may experience on your site and helps increase your conversion rate.

Create High-Value, Unique Content

If you can create unique content that can engage your readers, your site will be well on its way to become an online authority. This doesn’t mean that you should copy what your competitors are doing. Your content should be well-researched and thoughtful, demonstrating to the visitors that you’re an expert in your niche.

Aspire to deliver new knowledge and understanding in the best possible way.

Increase Conversion Rate Faster

Infographic created by SEO Tribunal. Find it here.

Copy the below code to republish this infographic.

Shahid Abbasi

SEO Manager

Shahid Abbasi leads the SEO team at Blurbpoint Media.

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By: Bakul Sengal

20 May 2018


Brand visibility in the search results is the first thing every digital marketer wants for his brand. They try their hearts out to ensure that their websites rank on the first page of the search engines and still, most of them fail to do so.

Apart from organic search engine optimization and social media optimization, Pay Per Click is one of the most used digital marketing campaigns by the organizations and businesses.

Let’s accept that PPC is not easy if you don’t design and executive the PPC campaign carefully and with the help of a reliable and experienced PPC professional, you might end up spending thousands of dollars without getting nothing valuable for your business.

On the other hand, if you do it wisely, it might earn fruits you never imagined. Irrespective of your business niche, your PPC campaign will generate genuine and authentic leads for your business.

The main question is how to do it.

The best way to start with Google AdWords and it is huge. There are more than 1 million advertisers using the Google AdWords and if you are doing it for the first time, there are chances that you will make some mistakes.

With some tips mentioned in this blog, you might avoid losing dollars while getting superior results for your PPC campaign.

Use Exact Match Keywords

What do beginners do? They have read so many blogs and articles about SEO and benefits of long-tail keywords and they end up choosing those keywords with phrases and broad matches.

Well, it works in your organic SEO campaign, but not in your custom PPC campaign.

Let’s understand it by example.

If you sell maxi dresses, your long-tail keywords might be like this- best maxi dresses online in California or your location at the end of the keyword phrase.

Instead, use exact match keywords in your ad copy to motivate genuine users to click on your ad. In this case, the keyword should be- buy a maxi dress online.

It is more clear and matches with possible keyword searches that users are going to make. In addition to that, make ad groups that match your products. Google AdWords is flexible and you can have as many ad groups as you like.

Try to create separate ads for separate products and you will find good turnout for each ad.

Examine Your Numbers

So there are 10 PPC ads running for different products and you are happy with 5 to 10% of the traffic you have earned for each ad. It should not be the case. You need to examine numbers first to make a detailed analysis of which ads worked and which didn’t.

Even expert content writers cannot promise that a particular ad will run the best. It is always numbers that give you exact figures. For all the ten ads you have run, take a sample survey and find out which one has produced best results.

When you thought that a particular ad will work best and if it does not work, it means you need to identify the loopholes. The numbers will tell you where you are wasting your money.

Always trust numbers and make it a learning stone to do better in the future.

Use Negative Keywords Positively

Yes, you have hard it right. You can use negative keywords to boost your traffic and overall revenues.
How? We will understand. You know that if you use a minus (-) sign before your keyword, it means Google will not show up your ad when that particular keyword is searched.

It will help you to not show your ad in the search results when an irrelevant keyword or a keyword
with low impact is searched. Now, here, you are wasting your money as a marketer as a person who is looking for a digital marketing job is obviously not looking for a tool.

If this particular search result has annoyed you, you too will irritate the searcher when your post
shows up when he is not looking for what you are offering.

Hence, you need to ensure that you use such negative keywords to increase your conversion rate by
eliminating any possibilities of displaying your ad for irrelevant search queries.

Check What Your Competitors are Doing

You are not the first one running the PPC campaign in your business niche. Your competitors have done it or doing it. How about taking advantages of their PPC campaigns by analyzing what they have done?

Check out which keywords that they have focused on and how they performed? It will give you some good insight into which keywords are searched and bring more traffic. You can modify your ad accordingly.

Don’t Send all Visitors to the Homepage

Yes, it is also a mistake people do on a regular basis.

They send all visitors to the main home page of the website and it is not a good thing to do.

If the homepage is not optimized properly, you will end up losing the visitor at a first place. You cannot jeopardize your first impression by doing such a silly mistake.

It will lead you nowhere. It will not just reduce your conversion rates, you also will end up paying more.

Don’t Forget other Networks Apart from Google Adwords

It is true that Google Adwords is a huge and useful ad platform, but just sticking to it will not serve the core purpose. It is obvious mistake marketers do and you don’t need to do it.

One of the most important factors to consider while choosing Google AdWords is that as it is big, it has more competition too and it means, the CPC would be too high.

You need to look around for other ad networks such as Bing. Bing is cheaper than Google and at the same time, offers a good amount of traffic too. Some other prominent ad networks are Yahoo Gemini, AdRoll, Amazon, Quantcast and many.

You can try them out too sometimes if you are having some budget constraints or simply if you want to try some other alternatives to Google Adwords.


A highly effective and successful PPC campaign requires you to put some efforts from your side. You need to ensure that you take a great care while designing a PPC campaign. If you are a startup, a PPC campaign will ensure that you get superior brand visibility in just no time.

To earn stupendous results from the PPC campaign you run, keep above-mentioned tips in your mind.

Remember, you are not going to get instant results with your first PPC campaign. It is a gradual practice and with constant improvisations and modifications, you will reach where you want to be.

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Bakul Sengal

SEO Manager

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By: Shahid Abbasi

28 April 2018


Being a startup, there are many challenges entrepreneurs face from market penetration to grow revenues to brand recognition. On the other hand, consumer buying patterns are evolving with each passing day and these startups have to come up with different techniques and marketing strategies to cope with such unique patterns.

If you are having a startup, it is of utmost importance that you excel in almost every department to win the clients’ hearts. Whether it is about product or service quality, authenticity, customer service or any other. As per the research done by HelpScout, 78% of consumers did not purchase from the seller due to poor customer service.

One of the most crucial aspects of winning the market share is to out-market your competitors and you need to leave no stones unturned to achieve it. However, it should be done carefully or it will backfire on you only.

Your marketing strategy, your business offerings, your branding techniques, every possible thing must offer unique customer experience to ensure that your customers stay loyal to you and new customers should get attracted to your offerings.

Here is a comprehensive list of things you need to implement and connect together to out-smart your competitors.

1. Business Strategy

Your business strategy should be designed by keeping a sharp eye on your competitors and their strategies. You need to make a detailed report about your competitors and how they differ in terms of offerings, marketing, and positioning.

There is a list of questions you need to ask to yourself before making a strategy:

  • Are you new in this market segment or business niche?
  • How your offerings are different than your competitors?
  • Do your customers know about these differences you offer?

By answering these three questions, you will have some idea where you fall in the industry and what you need to include in your business strategy.

Identify small opportunities:

Being new in the market, you might find some business opportunities that are too small for your competitors to look up to.

By putting efforts on such small opportunities, you might end up winning the game on a larger scale. It is a way to go ahead than your competitors.

2. Marketing + Branding

Without effective and comprehensive marketing and branding plan, you are going nowhere. Here is a list of techniques, but they are not all. You need to come up with some new techniques that you can design and implement as per your business niche, customers, and market.

Understanding your customer personas:

You need to identify your clientele and everything about them including their buying patterns, their expectations, what they are looking for, how they use products, etc.

Also, sometimes, you can even drill down customer personas into sub-personas to reach out to your potential customers.

In this manner, you will be able to address their issues and in turn, win their loyalty to your brand. There are chances that they will talk about you in the market too being your advocate.

3. Content marketing and Branding

Once you have a clear idea about your target audience and their requirements and uses, it is a right time to invest smartly in content marketing and branding.

Before that, you need to have an idea about how content marketing is needed and how it can pay you dividends, not instantly, but over the years.

It is not just about writing articles and blogs and uploading on websites on a daily basis. Content marketing is a comprehensive content creation and sharing strategy that should be followed in a perfect manner.

You need to be authoritative while creating and sharing unique, original and informative content that is engaging and adds value. Hire some good writers and designers who can help you out to create quality content. In case you can’t afford full-time content marketer, find one using the best freelance job sites by posting brief job description about what you are looking for.

Creating a brand takes time and you need to be patient with it. You have lots of competitors and out-smarting them in just a small time is not possible.

4. Come up with a free and useful resource

Online users are looking for information and nothing else and when you offer them free, they are likely to love it.

Always come up with a free resource of information that is authoritative, relevant to the business niche and informative. It might be a tool or an e-book or a video tutorial for a process.

For example, you are based at a certain location and you have a calendar page on your website that offers the latest information about events and exhibitions related to your business niche. People will certainly like it.

It does not take much time to update such tools and the return you will get is beyond your expectations.

Cover latest trends in your content:

Yes, it is important if you are the first one introducing latest technology or a tool in the market. Always ensure that you cover latest trending topics in your content to get that competitive edge over others. It might not be relevant to your offerings, still, it will create a huge impact on your audience.

You can take a help of Google trends and other research tools and find out about such trending topics. By responding to such topics, it will create superior brand recognition unquestionably.

5. Community Building

You must have come across different online forums for brands such as Apple. As soon as Apple launches a new product, they start talking and discussing its features and advantages. Being new to the community, you will surely impress and it will undoubtedly affect your purchase decision too.

Community building is important and in the long run, pays off your efforts superlatively. You can start your own community and gradually build it. However, it is important that you build it responsively and contribute to the community meaningfully.

One of the most important benefits of community building is you are directly connecting with your prospecting customers and once you have proved your value, it will be easy to persuade them to make purchase decisions.

After some time, there will be your customers advocating your brand on the community as it happens with Apple and other brands. Loyal customers will become your speakers in the community.

Also, if you cannot build your own community, start sponsoring one that exists. It will work in your favor tremendously.

6. Give your customer a satisfying experience

It is one of the most crucial ways to earn loyalty from the customers. Remember, they should have happy faces once they are done with purchasing. If your customer is happy, it will bring more customers to your website and it means more referrals and superior loyalty for a lifetime.

Here is a list of two techniques you can use to give your customer a good and pleasing experience:

Add Live Chat on your website:

Live chat is one of the most impressive ways to get personal with your customers. When customers are confused while surfing your website, they seek quick guidance to solve their queries or questions and if they don’t find it, they will simply leave.

By adding a Live Chat feature, you will be able to engage your customer personally and offer solutions they are looking for. It will make them feel special as you care about them.

Once you have added this feature, your conversion rate will boost like anything.

Social media engagement:

First of all, you need to be present on the social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram or Pinterest. Similar to Live Chat, you need to engage with your potential customers here too. Respond to their issues smartly and quickly and there are higher chances that they will turn to your customers.

There are many other platforms such as Quora and other online forums where you provide useful information to the users. Users love it when they get answers to their problems and issues.


Competition is here to stay. You need to ensure that you take advantages of opportunities lying on your path to create brand recognition and increase your revenues. By keeping in the mind aforementioned tips, you can out-market your competitors even if you are a businessman with a newly launched company.

It is not a comprehensive guide. Above tips are just starting points. You have to find ideas and techniques that are relevant to your business and the sky is the limit for you.

Digital Marketing BoF

Shahid Abbasi

SEO Manager

Shahid Abbasi leads the SEO team at Blurbpoint Media.

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By: Rahul Dave

16 April 2018


Google checks out and rewards your honest and authentic efforts. Fair and transparent SEO practices are always acknowledged and encouraged. Whether you have a startup or a business that has set up a benchmark, you need to be on high Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to get noticed.

For entrepreneurs, it is a challenging task to be in Google’s good book by following genuine SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

Have you heard about SERP features that can directly boost your sales and revenues to a great extent? SERP features are results on the SERP that are not organic results. Google has tried to come up with different non-organic SERP features to give more in-depth and insightful information to the users.

If Google easily comprehends your content with useful, structured data, it can enable a wide range of rich features on the search results. In some cases, if you have given some additional information on your page, Google facilitate features for your page too.

However, there is no guarantee that Google will rank your page with specified features as it depends on many things such as devices, location, search patterns, relevant information and others.

In this blog, we will discuss 13 the important SERP features that can boost your traffic and sales to a great extent.

1. Portrait Mode

Google continuously comes up with newly added features to improve user experience and one recent feature is the introduction of the new technology called AI technology which allows smartphone users to capture and crisp high-quality photos.

There are many possibilities for you when you use such a portrait mode photos for your website or app. Remember, users love high-definition images and it will create a superior brand experience when they visit your business app or website.

2. Rich Result

When you search for anything on Google, a rich result will facilitate you almost all the information available about the search term in a superior way. The rich result will include better styling, high-quality images and other superior features.

It also includes ratings, reviews, product description and other relevant information.

3. Enriched Search Result

For example, you have searched for any particular cuisine recipe. You will get a search result with more interactive information such as calory, ratings and review information.

4. Carousel:

A carousel-style slider is a familiar search result that Google shows for particular search queries. Carousel is actually a list of multiple rich results, but with similar types.


If you type baby clothes on Google, it will automatically offer you results in a carousel styled slider from different sites.

5. Featured Snippet

When someone asks a question in the Google search bar, Google comes up with an answer with a featured snippet, a special block that is located above the search results and it has a specific answer to the question or a summary. Generally, a featured snippet comprises a paragraph, a list of a video with the publication date and page title.

Featured Snippet

Google actually extracts particular information from your page and shows it as a search result. It offers tremendous benefits to the page owner and has generally higher CTR.

6. Shopping Results:

If you own an e-commerce website and want to show shopping results for particular search queries, it can be done with a paid placement. It is also called Product Listing Ads (PLAs). it generally has information about product details, images, pricing and other relevant information.

Shopping Results

When you are looking for a quick boost of traffic for some special festival times, you can go for such paid product listing campaign to get some sure-shot results.

7. Reviews

How about displaying review stars and ratings with your search results? Google is already doing it and you can find this feature in search results. Generally, Google display such ratings and reviews for products, recipes and other listings. You will find these reviews and ratings between the website URL and snippet.


However, Google might show results with the rating or might not and it depends on a wide range of factors including your business niche and vertical. Also, schema markup for reviews must be there on the page.

It also leads to higher CTR and boosts traffic.

8. Related Questions

When you type a question on the Google search, Google algorithm generate related questions that might help you to get right and relevant information. You can find such related questions after the first and second search result. However, sometimes, the location might vary on the SERP.

Related Questions

It helps users to find relevant information without putting up a second query or without scrolling down the SERP.

Related Questions appear to be related to Featured Snippets. In most cases:

People also ask

These related questions are also keywords that you can use to have a small CTR boost. Generally, Featured Snippets and Related Questions are same.

9. Local Pack

When you search for any local information, you will find the SERP containing three most relevant physical locations. For example, look at the image displayed below offering 3 local pack results.

Local Pack

It is one of the best and beautiful features that dominate the SERP while you are using mobile.

If you have a brick-and-mortar business with a physical location, you need to ensure that you have a strong local SEO strategy to rank on the Google. It will skyrocket your business and ultimately, revenues.

10. Local Teaser Pack

It is similar to local pack with minor differences. Generally, local teaser packs are for businesses such as hotels and restaurants and it offers some additional information such as prices, maps, hours of operations, user reviews and images. Also, you can sort out the listing with price and rating too.

Local Teaser Pack

Alike local pack, it also shows three-pack results with different information. If you are in the first three pack results, you will find an enormous growth on your CTRs and revenues.

11. Site Links

It is yet another Google features that help you to boost your direct sales. When you search for specific website or business, Google will list down up to 10 site links that will occupy 4 to 5 organic positions and ultimately, SERP.

Site Links

It is generally placed below the first search result and it also boosts your website’s CTRs. Even, it is useful for users to redirect to the specific pages with the help of such site links.

However, it depends on many features such as query a user has types, site traffic and Search Action anchor markup on the website.


Google SERP features are available for any business and you need to come up with a strategy to ensure that Google rewards your web pages with such features on SERP.

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By: Maulik Patel

29 March 2018


Local marketing is not a new concept. In fact, Google wishes that you go for local marketing to earn those brownie points when you have a local shop or store in a particular area. Let me tell you, there is nothing as amazing as foot traffic in your store and it helps to boost your revenues and ultimately, the bottom line- profits.

The issue is some marketers don’t find relevant local marketing enough to drive sales. For them, the option is hyperlocal marketing that hits a specific neighborhood or streets or few blocks with an intense, carefully crafted marketing strategy.

It is a smart concept to understand first. They are directly making the blows where customers are drinking or sitting or sleeping and it can boost your local traffic to a great extent.

Let’s understand the concept of hyperlocal marketing in detail to understand what it is and how it can be helpful to your business.

What Is Hyperlocal Marketing?

You must be aware of a universally popular search pattern- Near Me. People love to find things that are near to them rather than driving miles away. Hyperlocal marketing concept directly targets those specific areas, sometimes, a few blocks or streets to gain the competitive edge. They hit the narrowed down area and target their potential customers there to let them get what they want.

Have you searched something like- “grocery stores near me?” congratulations, you have already used hyperlocal search for yourself.

You are running out of sugar at your home and you visit your regular grocery store just to know that they are out of stock. What will you do? You will search for grocery stores near me as you don’t want to drive to the grocery store located few miles away from your location. It is called hyperlocal search and it brings tremendous joy to the customer when he can find what he wants instantly.

Why Should You Opt For Hyperlocal Marketing For Your Business?

If you have a business with one or multiple retail stores or physical shops, a successful and carefully crafted hyperlocal marketing strategy can work wonders for you.

Near-me searches are trending in Google since 2014 and as per the Google data, these searches grew in volume by 130% in 2014-2015 alone. Whether it is a simple book to a post office to an Easter gift, people are highly using near-me searches.

In addition to that, users now want Google to show highly relevant local results first even if they don’t use terms such as near me. According to a Google study, searches without Near-Me term has increased 150% faster than searches with a term Near-Me. The perception is simple- When people type something, they want local results instead of nation-wide or global results.

Also, the buying patterns are changing every year. The concept of ROPO (research online, purchase offline) is worth mentioning. People prefer to buy from physical stores as they offer more superior shopping experience and fun time.

The story is simple- if you have a physical shop, you need to optimize your hyperlocal strategy to target your local potential buyers who are more genuine than you find visitors online.

How To Create a Hyperlocal Marketing Plan?

An ideal hyperlocal marketing plan is one that has carefully controlled geolocation settings. However, there are other important aspects too that we will discuss in this post.

How to find hyperlocal keywords:

Finding and targeting keywords for a specific tiny town is annoying and sometimes, frustrating too. The first hurdle is that you don’t have volume data for keyword research and on the other hand, reaching out to the local audience is highly important. What will you do in such case? Here is a list of steps to find hyperlocal keywords.

When it comes to targeting a very small town, there are chances that you will not get volume data that you need for keyword research, irrespective of the keyword research tools you are using. What can you do about it? Here is a quick solution:

Use keyword data for larger, similar regions:

If you are not getting enough information for a region you want to target, just modify your search with nearby regions with the good population. Suppose you are looking to target the region called ABC with a population of 6000. Now, you need to modify your search by using the name of the town called XYZ with a population of 20,000. it will give you more keyword volume you want to fetch some data.

Google Autosuggest is darling:

Google always helps and it will help you to find right keywords for a specific region you aim to target. All you need to do is to enter the name of the region on the Google bar and you will find autosuggest options.

Google does not care if a specific keyword was searched for once a year, twice a year or not at all. Not just Google, this technique works well with Bing, YouTube, and Google Maps too. All you need to do is to rely on it and that is all.

Lexical or related SERP suggestions:

Lexical keyword search is very popular with semantic relationships between words and phrases and it can help you out to find a right set of keywords. Another keyword research technique is related SERP suggestions. This technique enables you to get different types of search results with potentially similar to the search term you have typed.

All you need to do is to remove the region name and instead, search for a term that you are looking for. It will give you search results with closely related topics. You can add the region name and you will see similar topics for a particular region you have typed.

Google Business Page:

Google my business (formally known as Google Places) listings is a place where Google sources all the local business details of your business such as name, contact details, photos, working hours, reviews and other things. Even, for specific results, you can add graphical data about peak hours.

User Reviews:

When it comes to local business, reviews play a prominent role in buying decisions. You need to ensure that you have reviews on your local Google My Business page. It is an indirect word of mouth marketing that will beneficial for your business.

According to a research by the 2017 Local Search Ranking Factors, review signals play an important role how Google will show your local business on rankings.

Google Adwords:

Google Adwords is also a tool that you can use for your hyperlocal marketing and it can serve you best results. You can start a campaign for a specific location based keywords searched for a particular location. By choosing a radius in Adwords, you can start a campaign.

In a PPC campaign too, you can target those keywords to attract local visitors. Keywords might be anything such as regional landmarks, colloquialisms and popular cultural words too, anything that a local user can identify with.

Facebook Advertising:

Thanks to the social media, you can target local markets more easily and effortlessly. Have you heard about Facebook ads? These ads are geographically targeted ads that offer best Return On Investment to the users than any other marketing ads.

Facebook is one of the most used social media platforms to hit the right button. Whether you want to hit locally or hyperlocally, all you need to do is to create an ad on Facebook and that is all. It offers best conversion rate than any other traditional or new marketing channels.

In addition to that, you can also use other filters such as age, gender, location, language and others. It is the best tactic for hyperlocal marketing.

Similar to Facebook, you can target your Twitter users by creating an ad via city, area or a zip code.

Use Local Ads:

Local ads are also an effective way to reach out to local users. Formally, it was also known as Home Service Ads and were quite effective too. Generally, the ads appear in a carousel. The stars and reviews too placed along with it and it can work perfectly fine to create brand awareness in a local area.


Hyperlocal marketing is gaining popularity among masses due to superior conversion rates and improved revenues and profits it offers. Hitting the local market will bring you good foot traffic with genuine inquiries. Aforementioned tips might help you to design a best hyperlocal marketing strategy for your business. All the best!

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