By: Sanket Patel

16 June 2018


Is your business active on Twitter? If yes, you need to ensure that you take a maximum advantage of the platform. If not, you need to amend your social media strategy a bit to incorporate Twitter in it.

Why is Twitter for business important?

Twitter has tremendous possibility to create a splendid and authoritative brand identity among your followers. If done rightly, Twitter can bring good and relevant traffic to your website too.

Don’t believe?

For businesses, Twitter can be a powerful relationship manager. It can act as relationship building or work as customer service tool.

Through sharing great content to Twitter can also drive an flow of traffic to your website. It also gives you an opportunity to convert visitors into leads and those leads into customers.

Have a look on some statistics and facts that will help you to believe that Twitter is for business, too:

  • Twitter has 330 millions of monthly active users.
  • Till today a total of 1.3 billion accounts have been created.
  • 80% of active Twitter users access the site through mobile.
  • Around 65% of US companies with more than 100 employees use Twitter for marketing purpose.
  • 58% of top brands have more than 100,00 followers on Twitter.

From the above numeric data, it’s crystal clear that a ton of people are spending more time on Twitter. Thus, with such an active user base, you would have the potential market for your products or business and that too for free!

To know more about the business facts:

Also, according to HubSpot data, over 65% of businesses say that generating traffic and business leads are most challenging when marketing comes in the picture.

so, to overcome these problems, you can take a help from Twitter. To know more please look depicted image of HubSpot that stated about businesses top marketing challenges.

Top Marketing Challenges

Thus, these show that there is a direct correlation between Twitter and sales. so, if you’re not active on Twitter, this is the good reason to start with Twitter and get more traffic.

Now, what else you can do with the Twitter for business?

  • Aside from customer service and lead generation you can also monitor and interact with people who are talking about your company or same industry and competitors.
  • If you’re planning to launch a now product or scheme, you can create buzz on Twitter to promote your company.
  • Through Twitter you can develop direct relationships with bloggers and public relation officers for potential PR placement.

Finding how to grow business with Twitter?

To define this statement, there are many great reasons that your brand should have an active Twitter account.

To set an active Twitter presence:

  • You need to define the goal: to promote your business, don’t forget to set number of followers for particular period of time.
  • You need to measure the goal: once the goal is defining, you need to manage your Twitter feed in a logical way.

If your goal is to generate lead, it’s not compulsory to link your every tweet with the landing page. Because some tweets need to be most focus on community engagement.

Have a look at a few samples of Twitter goals that should be common goal for every business:

  • Brand awareness and this should be measured by number of followers and reach.
  • Brand Engagement, that should be calculated by replies and no. of shared posts.
  • Mentions can be measured by community engagement.

Afterwords, once you’ve identified your goals, you can choose your specific executes for each tweet. These could be such things like keeping your response rate above a certain percentage to generate a few numbers of leads from Twitter.

However, you need to take care of one thing that you would fix a deadline for each goal. These goal can be monthly, quarterly, or weekly.

By fixing track record, you can easily track goals through Google Analytics.

Measure Activity and Track Goals

Now that, you’re done with your business goals and its tracking, now, have a look at the ways to use Twitter to get more traffic and potential sales.

Ways to use Twitter for business and to grow business, traffic and sales:

1. Build your Twitter followers

When you’ve more followers, the more your business can grow. If your Twitter followers are engaged and nicely targeted, they can be beneficial for your business.

To build more targeted followers, you can select keywords to target. By putting keywords to your promotional tweets, there are chances to increase in more engagement and clicks that can be through to your website.

2. It’s better to identify influencers

Taking a help from the social media influencers is in trend. There are many reasons behind this. Because when you engage with influencers, you can create more opportunity to gain more followers and more traffic to your website.

For instance: if somebody influencer in your business field, he/she already has the audience you want. So, building better relationship with his/her may bring fruitful results and potential clients.

3. To manage your contacts, you can use Twitter list

To gain more traffic, it’s a universal truth that you are going to follow more people in Twitter. So by this, your timeline might feel overwhelming.

Along with this, you also want to keep track of whose tweets you don’t want to miss. With Twitter’s best features, you can add them to a Twitter list with your main timeline.

You can also make these list public or private, too.

To find lists created by other people, follow a few easy tips:

  • When you are looking to an influencer’s profile, you can directly click through to see public lists if they’ve built it as public interface.
  • You can also look more closely at the Twitter lists that you’ve been added to over the years.

4. Use of right hashtags

You would surprise to know that tweets containing 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those has 3 or more than that.

By putting more than 3 hashtags is really a bad idea. You have to be careful enough to narrow down your hashtag choice to 1 or 2 per tweet.

If you don’t use any hashtags, this is the right time to start with 1 or 2 hashtags for your business. Because hashtags are the great for visibility and getting your tweets in front of more audience.

5. Research your competitor’s profile

It is one of the smartest ways to know more about what your competitors are doing. You can get ideas about what competitors do to engaging with on Twitter.

You can check their contact list and follow their tweeting style. However, make sure that you don’t copy their style directly. Because fake style or idea has no more space on the social media.

Twitter and other social media

Twitter is different from other social media platforms. Because Twitter is more open and it is asymmetric. Traditional social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube are more restricted to people whom you already know and their information, updates are less desirable.

On other hand, Twitter allow you to build open and lucky relationships with new people around the world.

Let’s understand at how many ways Twitter is unique from other social media platforms:

  • Facebook: Facebook filters the every follower’s feed according to its algorithms. However, Twitter shows every tweet to the particular account followers.
  • Pinterest: Pinterest allows comment feature on the shared image. However, Twitter allows easier way of conversation around the shared image.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn only allows free users to send direct massage after two-way agreements. However, Twitter allows to send direct massage when the other user is open for it.
  • YouTube: YouTube allows user to share message with video only. However, Twitter allows to tweet with or without a video.

Final thoughts

I hope now you have a better idea about how to use Twitter to grow your business and its traffic, sales. All the Twitter tips will help you to make your way better and it may increase the profitability of your brand.

By considering this article you will also boost your follower numbers and might be increase in target audiences. However, first and foremost thing to only focus your action on Twitter activities that will produce results for your business.

Social Media Marketing Strategy CTA

Sanket Patel


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By: Shahid Abbasi

22 February 2018


Whether you have just started your business or you are an established one, in the era of digital marketing, you cannot ignore social media marketing now.

In fact, it is no more an option now, it is a must marketing technique you need to adopt for superior brand visibility and interactive customer engagement.

There is so many benefits effective social media presence offers to a brand and you cannot miss these benefits to become the most trusted brand for your audience.

According to a research conducted by the Social Media Examiner, 96% of marketers are using social media marketing to boost their brand visibility and awareness and you cannot miss this huge platform to market your offerings.

Remember, social media marketing is not just about opening accounts on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and others.

You need to develop a strategy to make an effective social media marketing that can be beneficial for your brand. Badly managed social media platforms can lessen your brand loyalty and you cannot afford to do it.

The main dilemma for beginners is to how to create an effective and comprehensive social media marketing strategy?

What Is a Social Media Plan?

When it comes to defining the social media plan, it is a summary of what you have done till now and what you intend to do in a specific period of time. The plan or strategy should include almost everything you want to do on the social media networks.

One of the most vital things is to design your goal for the social media marketing and it should be mentioned in the strategy. It is all about being specific about what you are looking for and how you can do it with the resources available to you.

Here, in this blog, we will help you to make your own social media strategy to get immense benefits out of it.

Objectives And Goals Creation:

To gain the best social media return on Investment, you need to have specifically designed goals and objectives that you want to achieve. Once the goals are decided, you can direct your strategy in accordance with those objectives.

Ensure that you make long term and short terms goals separately. With such goals, you can also check out the effectiveness and success of your strategy once the plan is activated.

When it comes to determining goals, you need to find a right metric to measure your goals. For example, if you are using Twitter, you can go for a metric called Vanity Metrics that rates success as a number of retweets and likes of your posts.

There are many types of social media metrics available and you can choose from one of them. Ensure that your social media goals are achievable, specific and measurable.

Go For a Social Media Audit:

To create a successful and influential social media plan, you need to know where you are currently. It can be achieved by conducting a social media audit and you will come to know where you are excelling and where you are lacking.

A social media audit will give you a clear evaluation report about what you are doing and what your competitors are doing on the social media platforms. Also, you will come to know which social media platforms are irrelevant for your business and you can delete them too.

In short, your social media audit will give you a clear idea of where you stand in the market and what you need to focus on.

Improve Your Social Media Accounts:

You need to have social media accounts that superiorly define your business, services, mission, and vision. Once you are done with the social media audit, the next step is to improve your social media presence by optimizing your profiles.

If you don’t have an account for a particular social media platform, create one by keeping in the mind your target audience and goals. If you have existing accounts, refine and edit profiles as per your new goals. Also, you can go for a cross-promoting social media technique to reach out to a larger audience.

Bring Unique And Engaging Content:

On social media platforms, what you bring to the table means a lot to your audience. Highly engaging, relevant and interesting content in any forms can work wonders for you and you need to ensure that you come up with innovative ideas and original concepts to lure your audience.

You can evaluate different social media pages of your competitors and get an idea of what they are putting on social media platforms.

User engagement is very important in social media platforms and hence, you need to come up with posts that encourage users to participate and comment. It will surely create unique brand awareness and visibility.

Create a Content Calendar:

Having a content calendar is important for social media beginners as it will help them to post regularly on social media. On social media, you need to be regular contributor to keep your users enthusiastic and hence, you can decide the frequency of content posts by creating a calendar.

Test, Evaluate And Edit The Strategy:

Once you have implemented your strategy, you need to test and evaluate it from time to time. It will give you a clear picture of whether you are going forward in a right direction or not. If you find any deviations, you can redesign the plan accordingly.

There are social media analytic tools available in the market that can help to evaluate your plan.

Wrapping Up:

An effective and successful social media strategy can write a growth story for your business. You can also hire professional social media management services for a sure-shot success.

Social Media Marketing Strategy CTA

Shahid Abbasi

SEO Manager

Shahid Abbasi leads the SEO team at Blurbpoint Media.

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