• Audience Analysis

    Content marketing is deep and requires dynamic thought process. It can not be processed with a blind fold approach. Thus, we start with a thorough analysis of audience base. This gives us the target and ways to connect with them. Since, content marketing strategy speaks directly about your brand, it is important to choose the right words. We do not want to go too fancy to understand. At the same time, we want the audience to praise our creativity. To maintain this balance, we have to peep in the minds of the visitors. Customer insight is a crucial aspect to follow. You can check our clients' speak who have hired us as a b2b content marketing agency for their business.

    Create Buyer Persona
  • Data Backed Content Marketing Strategy

    A healthy content marketing strategy contains relatable keywords and industry trends. We keep both them equally. Content which floats over your business data can make true connection with the audience. Not only, it speaks of your knowledge, but also promises to do better. To turn this around effectively, we follow a content strategy which is robust and scalable. At this stage, we take a comfortable time span to avoid any duplicity. We craft it diligently to build a positive brand image. Most of the time, it is the concrete data and research which makes a solid base. We want to be direct in resolving issues, that’s why data backed content is necessary.

    Content Marketing Strategy
  • Research Based Content Writing

    A research based content which offers custom solutions and reach to wider audience. The marketplace is full of SEOs, who take the charge of delivering content. Sadly, this reality does not work in your favour. We nourish your website with well-edited, creatively written and informative content. We accommodate the best, no matter, how far we have to go for this. We work on creating a research based asset for your brand. Content is the face of your thriving business. We work diligently to keep it in right shape. It is more like territory of words and well chosen images. Your audience only see what you project through the visuals and words.

    Content Marketing Writing
  • Publishing on Highly Authorised Domains

    We are more than online PR. To reach to the quality masses, we make your content prevalent on the high domain websites. Various platforms, such as blogs, video channels and communities play a big role in projecting your content. So, it is equally important to promote a content. Along with preparing it, we keep a stark focus on spreading it. Picking the right channels and domains is also necessary. The complete activity is focused on reaching the target audience. Content type varies according to the audience’s needs and perspectives. We help you make an impact through channels, devices and social media platforms.

    Content Marketing Process
  • Promote them All Over the Web

    It should be done strategically, than constantly. A smart content promotion can bring in more thumbs up. Your data may lie unattended, even if it is the best. The key is to speak about it openly and at the right timing. Would you yell about building professional profile on Instagram. Certainly, not. A brainstorming promotion works, when it is performed at the right place. It is always towards nourishing your audience base. Social media channels play a hefty role in this. We stretch your reach by making regular updates. We do it often to maintain the connection.

    Content Promotion Channels


Blurbpoint Media is a trusted content marketing agency which do not rely on blindfolds. A long experience in this, provides them industry insights.


Web Page Copy

Web page content forms an important part of user experience. It explains your brand story, ideogram and motto. The text is beautifully entwined with images and videos to make an impact. It is the first step towards creating brand engagement.

Blog Post

This is a gradual way to speak regularly about your brand. Not only, you can speak of your experiences, it also allows to share learning, opinions, research etc. Brands talk extensively about the innovation and ideas through a stable medium called blog.


Why bore your audience with complex presentations when we have infographics. We don’t want to make your social media pages suffocating by plain texts and dull images. Infographics can turn any industry into an insightful resource.


Not everything should be read. Videos and podcasts are interesting ways to act through your ideas. Take the benefits of shorter attention span and let videos make the buzz. Some platforms have risen rigorously through the power of video making and phone cameras.


Who doesn’t like case studies? This is a thriving non-fiction base, which has the power of persuasion. We work hard to manifest the best case studies. This is a unique and tested way to talk your brand stories.


The impact of content comes with its fellow publishing platform. This makes the areas which are driven by quality content.
You cannot post a blog on your service page. Right?

Content for Web Pages

Service Web Pages

The service page content is a one time effort. But, it should be so clean and detailed that, your visitor does not move on any other page. A service page can be a source of information and a marketing page at the same time. You get the complete authority to brand yourself with well chosen words. We keep it important for you and fill the service pages with errorless and copywriting content.

Content for Blogging

External Website Contribution

This includes building authority on platforms which are highly acclaimed. Websites with higher domain authority can serve your pages with good backlinks. This is a smart way to spread your words and nourish the Google ranks of your site. This also helps in building a healthy brand reputation. Nothing goes in vein, when you publish, outside of your web page boundaries.

Content for Email Marketing

Email Marketing

One of the most intriguing methods which is still prevalent is email marketing. In this, we approach your target audience and provide them updates. Not only this is well trusted, but also controls the cost. Email marketing is well driven platform for customers. This gives you leeway to work directly on the painpoints. We practice it exclusively to build the brand credibility and authority.

Content for Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media channels are well constructed network which is dominating the web. It is the sweetest deal, which you can offer to your clients. Not only, this is colourful, but also gives you freedom to interact directly with the audience. Also, it serves the related profiles of your potential customers. So, a good chance to expand your business.

Content for Whitepaper

White Papers

A persuasive and in-depth analysis on a particular topic. Who would like it, if your brand believes in creating authentic white papers. This is more like educating your audience. This makes them believe you and ignites a trust factor. White papers are the safest bet content creation. Also, a valuable marketing tool to promote your vary idea or belief.

Content for PR


It supports consolidating your reputation in the marketplace. Thriving public relations are necessary to build a bond that lasts. An easy to share and understandable content reaches to the masses. This also shows that, you keep your audience on the priority. To convert your ideas into revenue, a well-thought public relation strategy is necessary.