By: Sanket Patel

8 January 2018


Do you think your ads aren’t performing well? You are not the only one; 40% advertisers across the world are facing this issue. Here native advertising comes to your rescue.

It is one of the most preferred methods which are useful for all kinds of business. Native Advertising is a variation of content marketing in a way that it goes with the nature of platform and increases the user experience too.

Native Advertisement: A Popular Trend

Being a trendy form of advertising, native advertisement delivers good ad contents in the similar way the medium is providing its user experience.

A native ad matches with the design of the site it places, thus chances increase for these ads to click more. Thus, in a short span of time, native ads have grown popular and many advertisers are using them too.

With the aim of driving plentiful prospective traffic towards your site, it would be an excellent decision to choose native ads. This kind of advertising is essential and requires extra inspection.

Native ads cover various contents ranging from blogs, articles, infographics, videos, etc. Businesses also get promotion through branded contents.

Native advertising is paid always and is designed to appear like its ‘native’ setting. The most important kinds of native advertising are- paid search, paid social, paid discovery, paid posts/advertorial and promoted listings.

Let’s check out few vital ways to gain visitors’ trust which would aid in creating innovative content for gaining huge conversions in native advertising.

1# Target the potential audience:

When you’re responsive to your target audience and prospective viewers, then only your desired results are achieved.

This increases the opportunity of reaching high conversion rates that would get you improved ROI. You can also ask your target publisher about the demographics of their frequent readers.

2# Produce user-friendly contents:

The contents of the ads are created to attract the users and keeping them engaged. Hence, the customers’ interest and needs should be kept in mind while crafting contents. When the native ads are noticeable to your visitors and customers, they get pulled towards your site.

This in return will increase your conversion rates which would get you higher ranks on search engines. Even an informative native video advertising would help in the promotion of your company.

3# In-depth research:

You can involve your team-members to have a group discussion on coming up with original ideas. It can be further applied in your strategy for crafting brand new content. In-depth research is beneficial before initiating any of those branded conceptions to your business.

4# Offer particular landing pages:

In the case of native ads, interesting content marketing campaigns are being driven to market the major products or services.

A landing page is that page where the visitors are directed towards when they click on a link mentioned on a blog page. After having the ad content, you can form a persuasive landing page.

As a publisher when you host your own landing page, you have full control over it. Ensure that everything is optimized and well-organized to drive many leads to your website. Make sure that the ads have high conversion landing pages.

5# Set metrics to benefit:

Placing of an ad outlays your money. But you don’t need putting those ads which won’t provide you any profit. You should aim to set your metrics at the beginning so that you can do good to yourself as well as your publishers.

Cost Per Lead [CPL] is one of the essential metrics to watch out that can provide you with a base number to analyze every offer; set out expectancy for upcoming posts; and make comparisons of results between different content pieces.

When you’re aware of your standard CPL, you can apply it to find out whether the offerings from the publisher are valuable for your ads or not.

6# Optimization for conversion:

To make your native ads work, you must know your average conversion rates for the campaign. Analyze to check its performance and do optimization where needed. This will help in making amends when ads aren’t working.

Chances of sales rely on the quality leads. Thus you can tell your publisher to contribute leads under a specific CPL and a specific percentage of marketing qualified leads.

7# Assess and compare:

The trend of applying the native advertising becomes quite popular. With the increase in demand, publishers have turned stricter with their offerings. So you have to do a bit of research before inserting an ad anywhere on your web page.

You can also compare the performances of your ads placed on different positions of the web page where you can know which conversion rates are highest and which are lowest. Hence make changes wherever required.

8# Get the most out of your money:

Once your content and audience line up, you need to think about the most significant element, that is, revenue. The more number of content you update on your website, the more audience will hook on it, thus offering you better revenue for your business.

9# Maintain relationship:

Even though your ads display on your chosen publisher’s site, you need to establish a close relationship with them. Native ads have to be flexible. Thus, the publishers and editors are the important ones who hold control of your ads.

Open communication allows comprehending more about your ambitions. Excellent communication converts to superb and quicker solution.

Last Thoughts

Among those who are following native ad campaign, almost 55% of them seem hesitant on their final outcome. With the purpose of enduring in this hard-core competition, it is obligatory to walk together with the present throw.

Thus, native advertising isn’t difficult much. It has its own trickiness which claims extra attention to gain your preferred goals. If you haven’t yet tried native ‘paid’ advertising, add them on your website and see a tremendous profit margin!

Comment and share your thoughts of using native advertising below! Hope you guys make the best from various native advertising!

Sanket Patel


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