By: Rahul Dave

25 January 2018


Since its inception, Search Engine Optimization has carved a niche for itself in the digital marketing practices and have found very crucial to enhance the visibility of your brand on different search engines and it is here to stay for a longer period of time.

It is a genuine way to increase your website traffic and ultimately to get desired sales results. There are two branches of the SEO: Organic SEO and Paid Marketing. Both have their own advantages and limitations.

However, paid marketing offers instant results, it is the organic SEO that is preferred by digital marketing enthusiasts as it creates brand recognition in the long run.

When you are designing your digital marketing strategy, you need to be careful. There are different marketing approaches and trends come up with each passing day and you need to ensure that you practice them perfectly to get desired results.

In this blog post, we have discussed some of the SEO approaches that can reap wonderful fruits for your business.

1. Importance Of Highly Scalable And Engaging Content

If you think that you can design your digital marketing strategy without content, you are surely mistaken. As the marketing professionals term- Content is the king in digital marketing- you cannot ignore it by any means.

Content is anything that offers information. It could be plain text, infographics, videos, audio and any other form of information.

So why content is crucially important? The fundamental reason is- Google loves content. In fact, the whole algorithm of the Google depends on the content and hence, you cannot ignore it.

Original, informative and error-free content drives traffic beyond your imagination and the content marketing should be an integral part of your digital marketing strategy.

Hire a team of writers and designers who are masters of the craft. Ensure that every content of any form you publish has exclusive value and helps you to drive traffic to your landing pages. Original and engaging content will surely work wonders for your business.

2. Importance Of Page Layout

Do you know about meta tag and description? Have you optimized your web pages? Do you know how to select linking anchor text? Well, if the answers to these questions are no, you need to hire an SEO professional as soon as possible.

When you post content, Google should have an idea of what this content is all about. On page optimization is very important and it will bring traffic to your page.

Read about on page optimization and why it is helpful for effective SEO. There are many articles and blogs available online about it. Read and understand and do it to ensure that you have a superior on page that is easy to crawl by the Google.

3. Link Profiles Matter

Another factor that boosts the traffic on your website is the link building. You need to ensure that your website has authentic backlinks from different sources.

Remember, here we mean authentic links from relevant sources that Google find genuine. If the link is good and relevant, Google will term it as authentic for your website like a vote to your website.

While getting links, you need to ensure that they are not coming from any spammy websites or Google may penalize your website too. It will unquestionably bring your traffic and brand reputation down to a great extent.

Let’s understand it with an example; if you are having a hotel website and you get a review by any traveler, it is a good thing and Google will reward you for it.

Another thing that is important in link building exercise is how to get those links. You need to earn it. Here, content plays a huge role in getting those links. Engaging and impressive content might bring you good links to your website. Links from other authentic websites and social media channels is a good thing.

4. Does Your Website Perform Well Online?

If your website is taking too much loading time, you need to understand that Google does not like it. When it comes to online website performance, Google keeps a sharp eye on different factors like server hosting, quality of website coding, image optimization, original content, responsiveness on smartphones and tablets, etc. These factors do affect your online ranking.

The moral of the story: its just not about building a website, it is much more than that. You need to ensure that you take care of the issues mentioned above.

5. Are You Active On Social Media?

If you don’t know, search engines pay attention to your business’s social media accounts to determine to prioritize content in the search engine results and it may drive the traffic too. You need to ensure that you are active on social media and post relevant content about your company and industry to get a competitive edge.

6. Content Sharing Is Crucial

Just producing good content is not enough! In fact, you will not get desired results by just producing content, you need to ensure that you share the content on different platforms like blogs, social media platforms and other mediums as per your audience engagement.

It is a crucial thing to maximize the audience strength for a particular blog or infographic to get more traffic to your website. You can also reach out to the influence marketers to publish your content on their blogs and other platforms.

Wrapping Up:

SEO is a broad term that includes so many sub-categories. With a right strategy and authentic practice, you can have the website traffic that you have imagined. Learn more about SEO and practice fairly and you will get outstanding outputs.

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