It’s more like making a soft push to persuade them return to your website. Usually, the ads are more like a reminder for their visits. The Advertiser can put persuading text or make an offer with an image via Google display network remarketing. It makes things even simpler, if a user clicks on your display ad, that means he/she is interested. A well planned remarketing campaign can be a huge profit for you. We help you create that re-engagement with a specific goal in mind. We detect the right user behaviour which optimizes the keywords, preferences etc. Various features of Google dynamic remarketing are made for different sections of audiences. It’s more like a two edged sword, which not only brings back the lost visitors, but also enhances the brand awareness. Gradually, you build a loyal base of customers.

Search And Display Remarketing On Google

Provide a multifold reach to your business with showing display ads to your customers. A way to connect through the similar ideas.

Traffic Improvement

Facebook Remarketing

This creates a web of audience which have similar interests. Connecting to the lookalike audience via Facebook is an effective way to promote your product or service.

Remarketing via 3rd Party

Create a re-engagement via multiple channels. We figure out the ideal audience and reach them through every reliable channel possible.

Call Tracking

It’s a safe bet to re-connect. Lower cost, higher possibilities, loyalty are some of the bonus points.

Boost Sales

Conversion Rate Optimization

A higher conversion is targeted with a constant approach in mind. We keep a careful glance at the results to keep optimization high-yielding.


CRM Integration with Website

By merging CRM user data into Google analytics, we create a higher possibility of conversion and reach.


Visitor Land Through SERP

Consumer Visit Your Website
Through Search, Ads Or Direct

Consumer Abandons
Shopping Cart

Customer Abandon Cart
Remarketing Target Customer

We Traget That Consumer
Through Remarketing Ads

Consumer See Your Quality
Product Ads

Customer Revisit
Customer Purchase

Consumer Revisit
Your Website


  • Designing of Landing Page

    We help building a glorious picture of your business. Making an impactful landing page is the first baby step.

  • Explained Auditing

    We do it technically and thoroughly. With timely check ups, we plan better returns for you. With every audit, we get a fresh approach to move ahead.

  • Ads Optimization

    Within the target budget, we enhance the quality sales. This is more about restructuring and creating paid ads that are impactful.

  • Display Ads

    We let the creativity turn around without thinking too hard. With this, we create exceptionally connecting displays to bring back your audience.

  • Conversion Analytics

    We keep a close check on the conversion and optimization. Customized landing pages with the well expressed AdWords is all you need to keep it flowing.


Blurbpoint Media is a highly acclaimed Google adwords remarketing agency. We believe in forming enduring customer relationships than just sales in high numbers.