By: Rahul Dave

16 April 2018


Google checks out and rewards your honest and authentic efforts. Fair and transparent SEO practices are always acknowledged and encouraged. Whether you have a startup or a business that has set up a benchmark, you need to be on high Search Engine Results Page (SERP) to get noticed.

For entrepreneurs, it is a challenging task to be in Google’s good book by following genuine SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

Have you heard about SERP features that can directly boost your sales and revenues to a great extent? SERP features are results on the SERP that are not organic results. Google has tried to come up with different non-organic SERP features to give more in-depth and insightful information to the users.

If Google easily comprehends your content with useful, structured data, it can enable a wide range of rich features on the search results. In some cases, if you have given some additional information on your page, Google facilitate features for your page too.

However, there is no guarantee that Google will rank your page with specified features as it depends on many things such as devices, location, search patterns, relevant information and others.

In this blog, we will discuss 13 the important SERP features that can boost your traffic and sales to a great extent.

1. Portrait Mode

Google continuously comes up with newly added features to improve user experience and one recent feature is the introduction of the new technology called AI technology which allows smartphone users to capture and crisp high-quality photos.

There are many possibilities for you when you use such a portrait mode photos for your website or app. Remember, users love high-definition images and it will create a superior brand experience when they visit your business app or website.

2. Rich Result

When you search for anything on Google, a rich result will facilitate you almost all the information available about the search term in a superior way. The rich result will include better styling, high-quality images and other superior features.

It also includes ratings, reviews, product description and other relevant information.

3. Enriched Search Result

For example, you have searched for any particular cuisine recipe. You will get a search result with more interactive information such as calory, ratings and review information.

4. Carousel:

A carousel-style slider is a familiar search result that Google shows for particular search queries. Carousel is actually a list of multiple rich results, but with similar types.


If you type baby clothes on Google, it will automatically offer you results in a carousel styled slider from different sites.

5. Featured Snippet

When someone asks a question in the Google search bar, Google comes up with an answer with a featured snippet, a special block that is located above the search results and it has a specific answer to the question or a summary. Generally, a featured snippet comprises a paragraph, a list of a video with the publication date and page title.

Featured Snippet

Google actually extracts particular information from your page and shows it as a search result. It offers tremendous benefits to the page owner and has generally higher CTR.

6. Shopping Results:

If you own an e-commerce website and want to show shopping results for particular search queries, it can be done with a paid placement. It is also called Product Listing Ads (PLAs). it generally has information about product details, images, pricing and other relevant information.

Shopping Results

When you are looking for a quick boost of traffic for some special festival times, you can go for such paid product listing campaign to get some sure-shot results.

7. Reviews

How about displaying review stars and ratings with your search results? Google is already doing it and you can find this feature in search results. Generally, Google display such ratings and reviews for products, recipes and other listings. You will find these reviews and ratings between the website URL and snippet.


However, Google might show results with the rating or might not and it depends on a wide range of factors including your business niche and vertical. Also, schema markup for reviews must be there on the page.

It also leads to higher CTR and boosts traffic.

8. Related Questions

When you type a question on the Google search, Google algorithm generate related questions that might help you to get right and relevant information. You can find such related questions after the first and second search result. However, sometimes, the location might vary on the SERP.

Related Questions

It helps users to find relevant information without putting up a second query or without scrolling down the SERP.

Related Questions appear to be related to Featured Snippets. In most cases:

People also ask

These related questions are also keywords that you can use to have a small CTR boost. Generally, Featured Snippets and Related Questions are same.

9. Local Pack

When you search for any local information, you will find the SERP containing three most relevant physical locations. For example, look at the image displayed below offering 3 local pack results.

Local Pack

It is one of the best and beautiful features that dominate the SERP while you are using mobile.

If you have a brick-and-mortar business with a physical location, you need to ensure that you have a strong local SEO strategy to rank on the Google. It will skyrocket your business and ultimately, revenues.

10. Local Teaser Pack

It is similar to local pack with minor differences. Generally, local teaser packs are for businesses such as hotels and restaurants and it offers some additional information such as prices, maps, hours of operations, user reviews and images. Also, you can sort out the listing with price and rating too.

Local Teaser Pack

Alike local pack, it also shows three-pack results with different information. If you are in the first three pack results, you will find an enormous growth on your CTRs and revenues.

11. Site Links

It is yet another Google features that help you to boost your direct sales. When you search for specific website or business, Google will list down up to 10 site links that will occupy 4 to 5 organic positions and ultimately, SERP.

Site Links

It is generally placed below the first search result and it also boosts your website’s CTRs. Even, it is useful for users to redirect to the specific pages with the help of such site links.

However, it depends on many features such as query a user has types, site traffic and Search Action anchor markup on the website.


Google SERP features are available for any business and you need to come up with a strategy to ensure that Google rewards your web pages with such features on SERP.

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