When you hire a specific personnel, what you get is not just an expert, but a line of experiences. A dedicated resource model serves you as per your needs. The complete model is divided into the 4 types of skill sets. Spend for, what you want. Not an extra penny, no unaccounted cost.



    1. Personnel which can turn around needs like local SEO, Wiki promotion, business listing and Yahoo answers. 2. Proficient and hands on experience holder in link building and deep analysis. 3. Highly approachable skills in classified ads and video/PR promotions. 4. Expertise in building blogs, social media communications and forum build up.

    Level Four SEO Expert
  • Technical SEO


    1. An expertise in creating interlinked strategies to raise the levels of optimization. 2. On page optimization skills with content and social media marketing. 3. Skilled in backlink strategies. 4. A complete internet marketing knowledge which reaps higher level of proficiency.

    Technical SEO
  • Complete Website Analysis


    1. Internet marketing solution expert. These include PPC, diplay marketing etc. 2. Expertise in use of various tools for the nourishment of the website. 3. Extensive analytical expertise to be a solution for the targets. 4. A detailed knowledge base of Google Analytics along with the level 2 skills.

    Website Analysis
  • Complex Website


    1. Dedicated SEO team of 3+ years experience and 5+ years experience manager. 2. Extensive on-site optimization expert including titles, CSS Header, Meta Tags etc. 3. Experience of more than 5 years, along with level 3 expertise. 4. Well versed with current algorithms and guidelines.

    Complex Website


SEO is quite a brain-storming task which needs unending updating, and monitoring. While you keep a check on your business, we look after the complete internet marketing grounds.

100% Dedication

Round the clock diligence for every project we undertake. End goal is the highest motivation.

Armed with Paid Tools

We do rely on some valuable tools which act as a professional advice.

Hands on Experience

Nothing runs on fluke. We make sure that, your project goes under the hands on experience of professionals.

Fortnight Reports

We are highly consistent in some things. Fortnight reporting is one of them.


Rather than worrying too much about the outcome, we work on the process. We cherish the vision and trust the process. This has helped us in satisfying clients who hire seo experts from us regularly.

Business Analysis

Understanding and Analysing Your Business

Every big thing start with a single step. We take that single step, with an extensive understanding. Analysis is followed up to take the big steps further. The process is unbroken until the goal is achieved.

Keyword Research

Research and Finalization Of Keywords

Keywords are important to reach to your audience. We set the show, with a vigorous research of keywords. We rely on them, during the whole process and leverage the most out of it.

Strategy Implementation

Devising and Implementation of Strategies

A thoughtful implementation of plans. Strategies decide, how your choices can be different. We make the best ones for you. We do not let your content hover around without a plan.


Testing and Delivering Of Expansion Oriented Results

We help you, not to become just another online startup. We keep the tests on to approve the constant validation. This is all about providing the results which help you in far end future.

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Blurbpoint Media is a pioneer name as a professional SEO consultant. An extensive reach to a large pool of experts, comes from their consistency in the industry.


Long term SEO results are followed by a vision of a connoisseur. We help you reach to this and provide the acclaimed experts. We accommodate the fact that, teamwork forms the dream work. This is why, we handover the tasks to the highly responsible professionals. To keep everything in line, an unyielding dedication is necessary.