By: Shahid Abbasi

20 December 2017


Well, for every businessman who has their work-niche related to online business, SEO seems to be quite significant! Yes, who would not want to rank their website at the top of a search engine? But, to estimate the pricing for getting the SEO of any project done is something that becomes quite a crucial stride for them.

Sometimes, they aren’t aware of which package to choose for, which digital marketing firm would be appropriate for them and so on!! So, the experts of Blurbpoint Media thought to come up with a solution for such problems. And, thus, here comes an infographic which will unfold all such mysteries! If you are an owner of any online business then just explore this infographic to enlighten yourself about how much will you be priced if you want to go for optimizing your website in various search engines?

Then, what are you waiting for? Click on the accompanying infographic and get a larger and clearer view:

How Much Does SEO Cost

Click here to download a .pdf version of this infographic.

Shahid Abbasi

SEO Manager

Shahid Abbasi leads the SEO team at Blurbpoint Media.

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