By: Sanket Patel

22 September 2018


There are many SEO agencies claim to bring huge traffic to your website. Read some SEO blogs about genuine ways to attract more traffic to identify such fake SEO practitioners.

A right SEO expert will always emphasize to garner those right customers who are actually interested in buying products or services you offer.

The best way to attract right customers to your website is to search for right and relevant keywords for your business niche. If you have done it successfully, half the battle is won.

So, your goal is clear and it is to target right keywords. How to do it?

Understanding your customer is a key

The best way to know your customer is to think like a customer. Identifying their needs and their behavioral patterns, their past buying patterns, their values, words that they use while searching for products are some important parameters to check out to understand your customers.

If I want to search for a particular product I offer, which words, I, as a customer, search for?

Make a list of such words and evaluate whether your customers will use such words while searching for products?

There is some specific industry jargon that you use for your products or services. Do your customers know about that?

Which keywords your existing customers are using?

You have your existing customers and you can take their help to find out relevant keywords they have used to find you. It will help you to make a list of keywords that are most relevant to your business.

Keep a sharp eye on your rivals

You can make your rivals your friends for some time by visiting their blog posts and find out keywords they are targeting. Even their social media pages might help you to find out keywords they are using. This exercise might seem complex and irrelevant, but it can pay huge dividends to you.

Use keyword search tools

How about using those amazing and accurate keyword search tools? We are not just talking about Google Adwords as you might be using them for quite some time. There are other useful seo tools available to improve workflow.

Google’s Auto Suggestions:

Google lists down a long list of possible search items if you enter a single word.

Googles Auto Suggestions

As shown in the image, you can use these keyword suggestions and compare them with your list of potential keywords to find most relevant keywords.

Different types of keywords

There are many keyword patterns you need to know. There was a time when people used to search by typing single words such as doctors or painting or plumbing for their queries.

Let’s take an example of a single keyword term called- doctor. If you type-doctor- on the search bar, you would come up with pages upon pages of doctors and it would become difficult for you to find exactly what you are looking for- Let’s assume- doctors in Illinois.

Thankfully, we no longer do that. You must have heard about long-tail keywords that users prefer to get exact and relevant information. While embedding keywords in your content, it is imperative that you know different types of keywords.

Generic terms

Broad generic terms are actually simple words, generally one or two words that bring a massive number of hits from various niches. Finding relevant information is quite impossible and it will lead you nowhere.

Take an example of the word- Doctor. You have searched for the doctor and you will get all types of doctors such as dermatologists, physiotherapists, gynecologists. Cardiac surgeons, dentists and almost everyone including ayurvedic doctors.

Suppose you are an endocrinologist, with this search term, you will surely not be going to get right traffic. Even there is a possibility that you might not get a single hit.

Even users know this truth and hence, they have changed their search patterns a long ago.

Fat Head Keywords:

If a particular user is suffering from indigestion and stomach aches, he will type stomach doctors or gastroenteritis doctor and there are chances that you will appear in search results. Though these keyword phrases are still generic, sometimes, they might bring genuine customers.

Fat Head Keywords

Cardiologists or neurologists will not appear on the search results as this search term is specified.

Chunky Middle Keywords:

These keyword phrases are more specific and narrow down the search excellently. Suppose you offer emergency care for gastroenteritis issues, you can add such words in your keyword phrase such as- “emergency gastroenterology doctors”.

Googles Auto Suggestions

Long-Tail Keywords:

These keyword phrases are more specific and generally contain 4 to 6 words. It also helps Google to show particular results for your niche. For example, your clinic is located in Illinois, your keyword phrase should be- best gastroenterologist in Illinois or best emergency gastroenterologist in Illinois.

For consumers’ point of view, these long-tail keywords are best phrases as they bring accurate results that are location and niche specific.

However, you need to ensure that which long-tail keywords are searched frequently and which are not. Take some time out for keyword research to target most relevant keyword phrases that can bring more genuine consumers to your website.

Keyword stuffing- Big NO NO:

Here, you need to hire some best content writers who are experienced and well-versed with SEO content writing. It is different than personal blog writing.

Keyword stuffing means filling up content with keywords in a manner that it looks like they are inserted intentionally. Users will not take the action you desire with such keyword stuffing.

Ensure that the keywords are placed in a manner that the content looks natural and flawless.

Over to you:

Interestingly, in the digital marketing world, nothing is permanent. don’t just stop exercise once you have a handful of keywords that are working in your favor. It is an ongoing process with new trends and alterations. Keep finding relevant keywords and keep changing your strategies to get a competitive edge.

Sanket Patel


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