By: Bakul Sengal

8 March 2018


Can you live without your mobile phones? Generally, the answer is no and there are right reasons for it. Mobiles are not just the handsets to make and receive calls from your loved ones.

It has become a tool that can explore a world in your palms. you can do multiple things from your mobile phones like connect with your friends, search, shop, pay and most importantly, market your business. Thanks to the internet and eCommerce marketing, you can reach out to your target audience through a mobile app or a mobile-friendly website.

For the past several years, the percentage of people buying products and services via mobile phones is increasing gradually and the desktop traffic is reducing to a significant level.

In 2010, 5% of total sales via mobile phones were made and in 2010, the percentage has reached to handsome 31%. according to a Business Insider report, the mobile sales will increase and will reach to 45% of total e-commerce sales by 2020.

Why Switch To Mobile App:

There are ample reasons for a marketer to switch to a mobile app rather than a mobile website. First of all, according to an Independent analyst Forrester Research, people prefer mobile apps due to superior and comfortable experience that get in comparison to mobile websites.

Mobile apps have an exceptional user interface, extremely slow loading time, engaging design and fast payment processes. If we talk about marketers, it is found that mobile apps convert traffic into sales more than mobile websites.

According to a report by Criteo, people have viewed products four times higher on mobile apps compared to mobile websites and the conversion rates are 120% higher than the conversion rates of mobile websites.

Importance Of App Design And Layout:

It is not like if you have a mobile app, they will come to see it. You need to ensure that you design a mobile app in such a manner that it excels in all departments like simple and user-friendly interface, catchy and attractive design, superior load time, easy and quick payment options and exceptional functionality.

Consumers expect highly engaging and appealing mobile apps rather than apps with the poor user interface and high loading time with confusing content. Being a brand, you need to identify what your consumers are looking for and design an app that helps you to generate more traffic.

If we analyze, consumers use mobile apps for different purposes and there are six ways they engage with m-commerce. It is an eye-opening list that can help marketers to design a mobile app by keeping in the mind consumer behavior while they visit a mobile app with a purpose.


Consumers are always interested in deals, discounts and other offering companies provide and hence, it is the biggest motivation for them to visit a mobile app. A marketer needs to evaluate the behavior pattern and purchase history of the users and they can design the app in a manner.

By keeping in the mind demographic and tailored preferences, you can convert a large chunk of mobile app visitors into your loyal customers. Also, you can use push notifications to aware them about new deals and coupons and sales offers.


People want to know about the product or service they want to purchase and hence, they visit a mobile app to know your offerings. There are many companies that have identified this behavior pattern and designed their apps in a manner that it satisfies this objective.

For example, with Amazon app, you can see the product, price comparison with similar products and features. By fulfilling what customers are looking for, you can convert them to visit you again and again.


If a particular item is located in a store somewhere, a customer will use the mobile app to locate the store for sure. Furthermore, customers would love to locate stores near them in unfamiliar locations and you can use “Near Me” feature to boost your traffic to a great extent.

Marketers have understood geographical preferences of the consumers and have started adding geographical search options in their apps. It is a great way to facilitate users to find anything near them. Also, you can avail map in your app to give them clear directions to reach to you.


Consumers who are using your app are not robots. They are human beings and they love to share their experiences with you to their friends and family.

By adding a sharing feature in your app, you are enabling them to share their preferences with their loved ones and it can create a positive brand recognition for your company too. At any time, a social touch will bring good things to you.


Just providing the purchase option from the app is not enough, you need to make their purchase experience more smooth and quick. How to optimize the purchase experience for the consumers? By enabling quick payment gateways and the process will surely win their hearts.

Also, you can offer online and offline blend purchase feature in which they can pay online and pick the product from your retail store. Adding “Cash on Delivery” feature can also lure consumers.

Wrapping Up:

Though m-commerce is growing at a relatively slow speed, it will become The Thing in the nearest future. You can hire professional app designers who can make a tailor-made mobile app for your business to seize the opportunity.

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Bakul Sengal

SEO Manager

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