Time Saving Local SEO Process for Small Businesses

Our 3 step SEO process ensures that your small business gets the most out of our services.

  • True strategy targets tipping points. A placid concept revolves it around the true sales. Our strategies are tailor-made for every business. We think differently for distinct project types.

    Requirements Gathering

    We uncover your needs blow-by-blow, to gather a detailed idea. Requirement collection decides the pace of correction.

    Project Briefing

    A good briefing consists of observed sections. It includes everything from analysis to fresh suggestions.

    SEO Project Strategy

    Competitive Analysis

    A careful analogy of competitors’ strengths and your own product. The most critical part is reaching to an innovative conclusion.

    SERP Analysis

    A thorough look up at the top rankers. SERP analysis is a crucial step to decide entry level competition.

  • A team of expert inbound marketers, content writers, content marketers come together. They work to provide a smooth execution. The process is backed up by an extensive planning.

    Keyword Research

    A summarized result of various keyword research tools, which decides the targets for your campaigns. Usually, we select your target audience’s needs.

    Strategic Targeting

    SEO services for small businesses provide a specific ground to play on. We reap benefits from this agenda. Hence, we try to reach every single user.

    SEO Project Planning and Execution

    Optimize Website for Local Search

    Business listing, citations, accumulating reviews, link building and everything which needs to make you a buzz. We promise that we lack nowhere.

    Localized Content Marketing

    We cover each extensive factor. This covers content marketing, partnering with specialists and social media advertising.

  • Although results of Local SEO takes time, we share all the work and its impact every month with our client. This enables you making an informed decision for the next phase of your progress and expectation.

    Performance Tracking

    To keep the efficiency at par, performance tracking is crucial. To track, what is effective and what not, a rigorous process is followed.

    Rapid Learning

    We follow back-and-forth trial process to make accurate changes. We so not stop for too long over a mistake.

    SEO Services Reports and Delivery

    Monthly Reporting

    A periodic announce of the achieved target, help us move organized. It is the reporting about the practices and strategies.

    Continues Support

    An unremitting process of round the clock support. We are persistent in some things. Client support is the one of them.

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Blurbpoint Media is a name to reckon with in local seo services for small business. The agency runs on a sense of extremity which binds the results in fast paced world.


A localized marketing of your brick and mortar business which brings more of what you seek. It eliminates the overtime efforts. It is anytime salutary, as it is small business SEO services. We are a helping hand in enhancing your business visibility through our effective SEO packages for small business. With every baby step, it ranks your website a level up.

Small Business SEO


Localized SEO makes your business discoverable. People like to make their own searches than enquiring from friends. With Google in picture, it has become highly convenient. Also, a major part of the Google searches is about finding a local business. A constructive Local SEO makes you pop like an opportunity for them.

Targeted Local Area Prospects


Peeping into the needs of customers become easier with local SEO. It surrounds around the potential customers which look for nearby solutions. Localized SEO is a method to fathom with when you want to make your business visible. Getting your website on local listings depends on targeted SEO methods.

Improve Conversion Rate


An increased conversion rate is the core benefit with localized SEO page. To dominate the local searches and market, a reach to the internet is crucial. The mobile market is dominating the consumer behaviour. It adds to the prosperity of online marketing of businesses. A great return on investment can be expected with this.

Improve Revenue Online


There has been an extensive difference in use of internet over print media. In fact, only 15-20% adults rely on print for information. Why splurging on heavy ads, when you have a straight way to approach customers. To use a variety of strategies, you can grow your business with a genuine local SEO method.

ROI Focused Services


It’s like serving the need of the hour. Local SEO provides as a great source on return on investment. To incorporate your business with SEO benefits, an eye on return of investment is important. It makes you local-ready to serve the customers which will be more of your reliable base of customers.

Social Media Boost


A more of social media marketing adds a sense of reliability to your business base. Teaming up the local SEO with practical stratagem is quite a benefit. This also brings a better picture of SERP, which optimizes the online presence of your business. Most of these campaigns are catered with keywords which work on local basis.


Online marketing is quite an approved base to thrive personal connection with the clientele. A tried and trusted method may nurture your online business. Social media builds even stronger connections with the clients. An audience looks for a better base of connection and local SEO provides all those means to serve this.