Refund and Cancellation Policy

A hearty welcome to Blurbpoint Media Pvt Ltd, an interactive digital marketing agency which offers the best kind of SEO social media, pay per click management, content marketing and many other such services of premium quality. We always ensured that our site turns out to be safe and trustworthy for one and all. And, thus we came up with an effective Refund and Cancellation policy which portrays the contract that you and us sign with each other regarding the terms and conditions applicable to your refunds and cancellation requests.


We offer easy and transparent cancellation policy.

Terms of Cancellation Policy

You can send your cancellation requests via email, fax or mail to our Account Manager or the Billing department. The cancellation request will not be considered valid until it is confirmed by the respective department.
All your cancellation requests will be valid if confirmed within 12 hours of your order placement and before the process of your project execution.
The confirmation email by the Account Manager or Billing department of Blurbpoint will act as a proof of the cancellation of service.


The refund policy of Blurbpoint is based on our commitment to provide you the best kind of services while ensuring that we maintain a cordial relationship with our clients and partners.

Conditions of Refund Policy

  • Blurbpoint does not make any promises/guarantees on the basis of traffic or rankings, so we will not be responsible for any refund claims thereof.
  • Due to the nature of services we offer, Blurbpoint does not guarantee any refunds on cancellation.
  • For the monthly payments, we consider the next month’s payment released only after reviewing the current month’s report and performance.



Blurbpoint Media attains the complete authority to update or make a revision of the provisions which is included within the refund or cancellation policy without informing priorly. However, if you bear any query in your mind regarding our Refund or Cancellation policy then you can contact our helpful customer service team via email or you can make a call to (516)665-1600.