It is important to dominate the digital space. Online Reputation Management (ORM), help you do that with a vision. We bridge the gap amidst your dream audience and your business.


    We start the chore with swiping away the negativity. It is important to build the blocks of brand management, without any rust. Well chosen campaigns can make things smoother for your brand. A high stature enhanced the brand image which helps in building a legacy. Online reputation repair works extensively on turning down the negative content about your brand. This is performed to repair the negatives from source, from search engines and social media profiles. It is highly reliable step as customers tend believe on negatives more than on positives.

    SMO Service Plan

    Online Reputation Management and Protection is helpful in strengthening the possibilities of less hamper to the brand image. It includes giving boost to the positive reviews and addressing the negative ones. It takes around 5-6 months to repair a brand image. Further than, it can be started with a fresh approach. It is followed by a plan of reputation. This takes the complete care of brand emotion and flow of content. A comprehensive analysis also helps in picking out the loopholes.

    SMO Service Plan

    We play smart to be your long term partner. Building brand reputation has become our forte from a long time. Search engine reputation management provides benefits of sweetening your brand image. We rely on both human and automated review management. This saves time and budget. Most of the times, bad reviews cannot be removed. But, we have a different approach towards negativity. We talk out of it, to convert it into responsible branding. Along with this, we reach out to happy customers to collect some wishes.

    SMO Service Plan

    It is like rising from the scratch. Filling your brand image with fresh reviews is possible and important. It is more like an amendment. Rebranding is about, writing your brand story with a newer perspective. This expands your audience and make the negatives fade away. We also re-approach the customers, who could not get the right services. More than 90% of the customers read online reviews before buying the products. Since, we know that reviews play a big part of consumer psychology, we keep them in shape.

    SMO Service Plan


Bad reviews, customer complaints and negative news stories tarnish your reputation. Even with the best products in the market, you would not last for longer. Here comes, online reputation management which repairs everything that is damaged. Further on, we also maintain the healthy image, so that you can approach with an open heart. It is the most integral section of online marketing and promotions. So, whether you want to amend the broken or maintain the good, our ORM services take the complete responsibility.

SMO Service Plan


We are bright enough in detecting the loophole. This is called problem identification which maybe causing the bad reviews. Customers have all the rights to be honest. So, we run an audit to check any issue and go further to resolve it. This is the very first step. Without this, all efforts may go in vein. So, this is more like an assessment. On its basis, we plan the strategy to get to the results.

SMO Service Plan


This is a well planned move to highlight the positive and turning down the unfavourable. We work on building, new images and content. This brings fresh reviews, which are optimized to enhance the brand reputation. This also includes, circulating the best content around the top notch websites. Gradually, this complete exercise dims the negativity. Suppression is the next practice thing after analysis.

SMO Service Plan


It may not happen always, but, sometimes, bad reviews can be removed. This is defined as removing the bad reviews from a certain web page. There are some websites, which cover the reviews about web portals. It is important to give a close check to these web pages. A major platform in this is YouTube. We work to diminish them from the Google and from the source site.

SMO Service Plan


This is about shielding the brand image with the help of an authentic content. That content is circulated extensively, till it starts benefitting the brand. Also, it is linked with websites which have higher domain authority. Not only, this nurtures your site with backlinks, but also creates a positive aura. We trust this so much, that we keep it going through the whole process.

SMO Service Plan


We don’t hard push, but persuade well to convert negative reviews into positivity. We work badly, to turn it around. This is because, every positive review takes you a level up. So, to bring the big rewards home, we speak through every small issue. It is like, regaining the respect from clients. It is our responsibility to convert every bad review into a business.

SMO Service Plan


We take the help of tools to run the survey about your brand reputation. This gives us the lists of reviews across various portals and websites. We do it extensively, so that, we can work in the probable issues. This starts with enlisting the client issues and than assuring then about the amendments. It includes a lot of work, but we remain committed to it.


Blurbpoint Media takes the complete responsibility of brand reputation management. We have been in the industry from an impressively long time. Amidst black and white, we choose grey to figure out rational ways to stay popular.

  • Search Accuracy

    Accurate Search Results:

    There are various timid factors to be happy about. Appearing in the search results of the enquiries of your service type, is a healthy sign. So, when people look for you, they don’t have to get annoyed with irrelevant results. This speaks highly of your brand reputation. You are not sharing your searches with any other famed or defamed personality.

  • Accurate Information

    Online reputation can amend or deteriorate your brand image. No matter, how fancy your cover letter is, if you appear positively in the Google results, you have won. So, we build it in such way that, you don’t have to speak much about yourself on your own. Let Google run the errands for you.

    Accurate Information
  • Online Participation

    Active Online Participation

    An activity on online accounts speaks for you. If people find you on professional platforms other than on just social media, it is a surely good sign. So, its healthy to showcase your areas of expertise. To turn the brand image positive, we make you omnipresent through the high acclaimed platforms.

  • Positive Articles and Reviews

    You may not realize, but every type of content counts. Specially, if your visitors look for you on Google, they come across even the oldest article from your side. We will your online space with so much credible text that it becomes positivity. We take care of the reviews extensively.

    Positive Reviews
  • Lack of information, or inaccurate results:

    If people look for you on Google, and they can’t find exactly you, that’s a thumbs down. This lack of ideal information may cut your star ratings. Also, this impacts hugely the brand importance. We make sure that, you never fall into that category. Here, it is more about sustaining your identity than building a new one.

  • Negative news stories or bad reviews:

    We do not let the negative news spread so far. A negative image can be turned down by lots of positivity. This is important, because visitors always look for some trashy reviews. This is because, if they get one reason to save their money on something, they will. In online reputation management, we keep an eagle’s eye on this trauma.

    Positive Reviews
  • Hateful or controversial opinions, inappropriate language:

    Customer or stakeholder opinion are taken as an inside news. In this scenario, if you profile fills with hateful comments and language, your brand will appear like a timid business line. Search Engine Reputation Management takes the complete care of this. We try not to associate your business with any bad opinions.

  • Inappropriate and embarrassing photos:

    In a Google search, if your brand comes associated with unacceptable images, no one would want to open it in office or amidst the family. To not allow your business camouflage into a bad light, we take care of this. Humiliating or shameful content and photography may label your brand as cheap.

    Online Participation
  • Unsavory Records

    Any unpleasant past records leads to bad brand image. If a business line is called disreputable, it can have so much at stake. To save your brand from any kind of such trauma, it is important to maintain a healthy track record. We don’t let your marque become too tasteless to please.