A Virtuous SEO Process

To keep everything aligned, we synchronize the professional SEO service process within 3 strengthened steps. We offer ethical on page and off page SEO to develop your pioneer stature in the industry.

  • Following the rules of the industry, can get you immensely further. With a clever strategy of site structure and interlinking, we strengthen the required course of action.

    Project Briefing

    A scrutiny on, how to blend your business information with our line of discoveries? The briefing process is more like a gentleman’s agreement, in which we promise to deliver.

    Information Validation

    How much your business goals and site performance fathoms with the trends? Here, we provide our input with fresh perspectives.

    SEO Project Briefing and Audit

    Creating Data Backed Strategy

    An audience based keyword exploration via advanced keyword research techniques. A careful projection of keywords that sync with your business line.

    Site Audit

    An important part of the technical SEO called, audit is conducted to get the gist of overall traffic, highly productive pages and strengths of the website.

  • A solid foundation will not let your rankings budge, but a vague approach will. As an experienced online marketing agency, we eliminate the concept of “hit and trial” to save your time and budget.

    Decide Goals and KPIs

    It starts from framing the concrete goals till setting the KPIs. No loopholes are entertained in this time-bound approach of technical SEO.

    Dedicated Team

    We follow modern re-allocation methods, so that, we can welcome the changes wisely. Besides, we don’t over-assign but practice smart-allocation.

    SEO Project Planning and Execution

    SEO and Content Marketing

    Elaboration from the earlier SEO experience is necessary. It may include, expanding the organic content and restricting the cheap SEO services.

    Social Media

    We keep the direct communication mode on with your giant audience base. Active social media can make your company a "speaking brand".

  • We deliver our best SEO services with full support. Our clients get progress result with the KPIs we have set at starting the campaign every month.

    CTA A/B Testing

    You can’t decide what to put, until you experiment with it. We ask to do, what people already know – at the right timing.

    Rapid Learning

    It’s important to know when to sharpen the saw in technical SEO. This makes us quick in grasping the details which are new and need of the hour.

    SEO Services Reports and Delivery

    Monthly Reporting with Results

    The first step in good reporting is great snooping. You don’t have to ask us twice for a detailed statement of the whole month.

    Continues Support

    We reflect with a hypersonic speed. A religiously followed support system to sustain your belief.

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Blurbpoint Media is a highly acclaimed and affordable SEO services provider in India which pronounces Ranks and ROIs with the same "R".

Professional SEO Services That Speaks for Volumes

Organic marketing influences the minds of ever-evolving audience. Since, search engines will never highlight the inferior results, splurging on keyword stuffing, commercial links and paid ads will never bring the genuine seekers to your webpages. Rightly said, “It’s easier to look sharp, when you haven’t done any work – refers to a pencil”. Likewise, your website may appear the shiniest in the ad box, but the least of consumer satisfaction attributes turn the ROIs down. This is where, a dedicated SEO company in India comes into the picture.


As a guaranteed SEO company, our search engine optimization team aims to secure improved search rankings for our clients, while also keeping their bottom line a top priority. Our objective is to not only maximize ROI through our reliable SEO service but to also provide clear insights and strategies on how other digital marketing channels can influence our client’s online presence.

Baby Direct Case Study

Baby Direct, AU

Baby Direct is a leading online store for baby products in Australia. They lost the online market share and so they chose Blurbpoint Media for an overall SEO campaign and web-strategy. We are serving them with best results in terms of everything starting from content marketing, keyword optimization, social media marketing and...


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