By: Bakul Sengal

15 February 2018


Have you ever imagined how our lives would be if we would not have different tools to perform different tasks? The best things about any tool are that it reduces human efforts and offer precise results. Just like any offline tools, you have online tools too that can make your life simpler and comfortable.

Search engine optimization has carved a niche for itself by offering some amazing benefits for users to increase brand visibility by improving website traffic and revenues. The SEO process is not that simple as it seems. Even SEO experts have tools that help them to work in a better manner.

For different SEO processes, there are different tools available in the market and you need to ensure that you have them to make processes more accurate and faster. Whether it is a keyword research, rank tracking, link building or competitor research, having an appropriate tool will make your life much more comfortable and convenient.

Else you can ask for SEO audit of your website.

Here is a list of 10 SEO tools that any SEO enthusiast must have.


Research and analysis are two important things to perform for any SEO person and Ahrefs is one of the most influential and effective backlinks analysis tools available in the market to improve search rankings. Furthermore, it also has a feature called content Explorer that searches for popular content based on keywords you provide.

Another tool that Ahrefs has is a Keyword Explorer 2.0. that offers a specific keyword’s search volume, overview, difficulty levels, position history and everything. It is a must tool for any SEO beginner or an expert for smooth performance.

It has a free version with some limitations and the pricing begins with $99. also, you can go for a free trial for all the plans available.


If you are looking for a tool that can give you a complete analysis of your website’s SEO performance, seobility is a tool you can vouch for. It has some excellent tools that are best for SEO audit like SEO check, Keyword check, SEO complete and Ranking Check.

These features do many tasks like website testing, page optimisation report, keyword comparison and page ranking search for specific keywords and much more.

With a free plan, you can use one domain. If you are looking for a premium plan, you can buy it for $40 with a 30-day free trial.

Long Tail Pro:

Long Tail Pro has a new owner and we need to thank him as he has switched LTP from a downloaded version to a cloud version and you can use it in your browser too.

It is one of the finest SEO keyword research tools that are faster and accurate and simple to use. However, it is a paid version and you need to purchase it.

SEM Rush:

If you are looking for a tool that can do some research about what your competitors are doing, SEM Rush is a tool you can look forward to. It is one of the most popular SEO tools in recent years and has more than 20 ways to perform competitor research.

You can find their best-performing keywords, content, backlinks and much more and it is a must tool for you.

Also, according to experts, it is a good SEO tool for paid traffic and PPC too.


Though it does not come under the term- SEO tool, but can be used to make the outreach easier while doing link building. Multiple users can work with Pitchbox simultaneously and has some SEO features too like link monitoring.

The paid version starts from $195 per month with the 15-day free trial.


Being one of the most popular SEO tools, SEOquake is a browser extension just like the MozBar and offers page data or metrics like the numbers of external links, SEM Rush Rank, Alexa Rank, Webarchive Age, Google Index and many more.

It also helps you to research your competitors.


Respona is the all-in-one digital PR, influencer marketing, and link building software that combines personalization with productivity.


For a complete SEO audit of your website, SEOptimer is a tool that can give you a clear picture of where are you and what you have done. You will get to know which things have gone right and which things have gone wrong and you will be able to plan your strategy out of it.

From page metrics to keyword usage to back-link profile to domain authority, you will get information about almost everything. It is a free tool and you should have it to perform a better SEO practice. Also, it offers some recommendations and advises too.


SEO tools are here to give you a clear idea of what’s your status and whether you are going in a right direction or not. Without such tools, SEO can become a tiring and time-consuming task to perform. These above-mentioned SEO tools will ensure that you plan and execute your SEO strategy in a seamless manner.

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Bakul Sengal

SEO Manager

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