The Process of Social Media Management Services

The secret is not being omnipresent, but establishing connections. An authoritative website is hard to budge. This calls for, following three core steps in the SMM process.

  • Certainly, there is no single strategy which fits all. From a bird’s eye view, it looks all the similar, but varies hugely. It’s the varying social media marketing strategies for companies which bridges the gaps.

    Project Briefing

    A project brief, summed up with objectives, tacts and concrete plans makes it easier to picture the end goal.

    Information Validation

    Teaming up your objectives with our well researched inputs is important to move on with a consolidated approach even in Facebook marketing.

    SMO Service Process

    Creating Data Backed Strategy

    A plan which revolves around your line of business is deployed by our SMO team.

    Existing Campaign Audit

    An extensive inspection of already running Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn marketing campaigns to find the strengths and loopholes.

  • We dig deeper to analyse the current scenario, so that, we plan better for the final goals.

    Decide Goals and KPIs

    We work to build organic traffic and realistic KPIs, counting the success from day one.

    Resources Allocation

    Smart allocation of resources says a lot about lasting customer relationships. We do it thoughtfully, so that, we can embrace the changes.

    Social Media Marketing Services

    Audience Building

    Stories make brands memorable. We help you carve the most unique ones and influence the audience.


    Never let your visitors hover around causelessly. Retargeting is all about approaching your website visitors with a fresh approach.

  • After executing plan and strategy with regular updates according to the testing, we share detailed performance report of all the social media marketing projects. This reports will show how and what we have achieved in the last month. This will help planning for upcoming months to achieve the milestone constructively.

    Measure Campaign Outcome

    Keeping an eye on the campaign outcomes is ideal to keep the budget in check.

    On Going Optimization

    To amplify performance and ROIs, we keep on nurturing the social media strategies.

    SMO Service Plan

    Monthly Reporting with Results

    An unbreakable ritual of presenting the reports with exact results, is religiously followed.

    Support System

    We feel happy to answer and solve the queries. A robust support system is followed.


Blurbpoint Media is a well acclaimed social media marketing services provider to small businesses in carving their own brand picture.

SMM That Ignites the Connections

More than anything else, social media marketing holds a colourful vividness to its very idea. Giving a buzz to your brand name is nowhere possible other than on social media platforms. It’s a cheerful endeavour which creates a different story for every brand. A pool of social media experts are deployed to make everything possible for your company tag. It’s all moving along the needs of the business. A gateway to the consumer world out there.

Pace of Social Media Marketing Explained

Small Business SEO


Brand management is a lot about peeping in the minds of consumers. A brand image should not only be built but also nurtured. We take every approach in context, from services to the product.

Targeted Local Area Prospects

Social Media Management

It includes a wide variety of activities which boils down to one term, which is social media monitoring. Keeping every platform of communication updated is the only way to connect with the audience, which works best in SMM for small companies.

Social Consultancy

Trustworthy Profile Building

It is more like trust building which lasts longer than any tacts. Profile building does not fathom with just being present. Being valuable is what profile building revolves around.

Social Media Reports

Social Retargeting Advertising Management

A special stratagem for audience which is very near to the conversion. Maybe, because of some confusion, they didn’t end up buying. Social retargeting is rekindling your brand name in the minds of the potential audience.

ROI Focused Services

Reporting & Analysis

Social media marketing looks more fun than it really is. The regimented reporting and analysis focuses on keeping things like cost per engagement, conversion rates and relation in context.

Social Media Audit

Social Media Audit

There is always a channel for a type of audience. In social media auditing, we eliminate which is not converting and keep only the essentials.



Facebook Connect / Open Graph

Twitter Connect

Google Connect


Community Building

Facebook Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect

Social Media Audit


Twitter Status RSS Feeds

Google Profile

Facebook Profile Badge


Well, social media marketing is one of the finest and smartest types of marketing strategies available nowadays. And, our social media experts were always successful to maximize the client’s ROI and accentuate their online presence with some of the smartest strategies ever. Be it Facebook or Twitter marketing, we excelled in everything! Here are some of our best works:

Baby Direct Case Study

Baby Direct, AU

Baby Direct is a leading online store for baby products in Australia. They lost the online market share and so they chose Blurbpoint Media for an overall SEO campaign and web-strategy. We are serving them with best results in terms of everything starting from content marketing, keyword optimization, social media marketing and...


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