What Our Clients Convey

We don’t believe in singing our own praises! So, know about the wonderful experiences that our clients had with us in terms of accelerated site traffic, better engagement and so on. Words directly from them are here..

MetalsCut4U is an internet platform that allows the end customer to configure and order custom cut and fabricated sheet metal even if you only need one unit.

As a “brick and mortar” – internet company we needed support in regards to SEO and get our visibility increased on the web. At first we were very skeptic about an Indian based company writing for the American market in an industry that is very specific not only in the technology that is being used but also uses a lot of technical terms. We knew we could not expect any SEO company to cover our industry.

So after considering all the options we went with Blurbpoint and have not regret it. The team around Joshua and Adam really dug into the due diligence and made themselves knowledgeable about our industry in order to write Blogs and Articles to position our keywords on the web. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any company.

Peter Keshishian

CEO & Founder at Metalscut4u.com

After I created a basic website, I quickly realized that I needed to increase traffic to the website. I underwent a stringent due diligence exercise, analyzing various companies that provided Search Engine Optimization services. I shortlisted 3 companies – 1 in California and 2 in India.

I had teleconferences with, and interviewed the 3 companies. Of the 3 companies interviewed, I settled on Blurbpoint Media PTE Ltd. because they exhibited the most transparent, cost-effective and professional approach to SEO.

I contracted Blurbpoint in August 2017 to provide SEO services for my website. The main scope of Services provided by Blurbpoint to me were as follows: Initial website setup and Analysis; On Page Optimization; Content Marketing; Social Media Marketing; Link Acquisition strategy; Local Search Optimization; Monthly Reporting Joshua in Sales, Adam in Support, and I speak frequently ensuring that there is true alignment of our goals.

I have grown to expect honest and open communication from this team. I feel that Blurbpoint and I have a strategic alliance. The Blurbpoint team has the uncanny ability to make me feel as if I am their most important customer; and they have consistently delivered and exceeded on their promises. I am very impressed with all the efficient work carried out by the Blurbpoint team.

This team has expeditiously increased my website backlinks, directly translating to the exponential increase in traffic to my website. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Blurbpoint Media PTE Ltd to any company looking to increase traffic to their corporate website by utilizing the latest SEO techniques. Blurbpoint has demonstrated the “best-in-industry” services I have ever experienced.

Vaughn Ramcharitar

CEO of Greaterhoustonhouse.com

I am very happy with the on-page work of Blurbpoint Media. This feature of on-page SEO by you guys was really awesome which would have been otherwise very time consuming if you would have opted for outsourcing.

All work was professional and delivered in a timely fashion. The communication throughout was excellent and I was kept up to date with everything.

Jonnie Jenson

Social Media Strategist

I’m extremely happy with the services that you people have provides us. Well, I came across multiple number of such digital marketing companies which make a lot of promises but finally fail to deliver.

But, you guys have delivered whatever you promised which impressed me a lot means a lot. Link diversity is something with which I am very happy! It is a great fact that almost all the comments have been accepted and various got published on the high page rank sites.

Moreover, I immensely enjoyed personally working with you because you have been always regular in updating us constantly about the progress. It was not at all tough to be in touch with you.


Marketing Consultant

I’m pretty satisfied with your services. The way how you guys worked hard to achieve success is undoubtedly incredible!

In fact, various companies are around there which make many promises but finally end up being unable to stick to the same. But, the kind of dedication that you people showed to follow what you said is really commendable.

I am extremely pleased with the fact that my keywords got far better ranking within just three months. I was waiting for something like this for months!! Also, you guys dealt with the PPC campaign in the best possible way without any blunder which is yet another remarkable service that you delivered to us.

Rob Flower

Small Business Entrepreneur

My collaboration with you for boosting up our business’s social media presence through a successful social media campaign was outstanding.

Blurbpoint Media’s SMO professionals are excellent and I must mention that you guys worked immensely to come up with the extremely effective Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing strategies both.

So, a hearty token of thanks from my end to you people for creating a buzzing identity of our brand on social media within just a short period of time. And, a special thanks for the innovative hashtags that you created and for which your posts were always outstanding!

Ricky Flint

Social Media Manager

I came across Blurbpoint Media while looking for a digital marketing agency to promote our shopping cart script and to do SEO for our certain web properties.

I must say that the professionalism and expertise showed by you guys literally helped us to generate huge revenue. We would especially like to thank Blurbpoint for their astoundingly efficient link building services.

And, yes! It will not be fair enough if I don’t mention the name of Michael who explained to us very clearly how we can skyrocket our SEO activity and his communication skills were also way too good!! However, it is even a notable fact that I was always ensured about our project is being going on track while being with you guys as the reports were delivered on time.

Joe Parkinson

Inbound Marketing Manager

Well, it’s not been a very long time that I came in contact with you guys but I must say that the way you guys are handling our project is simply superb.

I am very pleased with the kind of services I am getting from you people for last 8 months and I hope that it will continue to be the same in future. The greatest features of your services that I have noticed is that they are extremely professional, straightforward, and easy-to-use which make the clients like me to stick to you.

Moreover, I would not like to end up without conveying a special thanks to John who is the relationship manager of Blurbpoint Media. He is providing me with an excellent support which is making my episodes of dealing with you people far easy. Cheers!

Steve Jacob

Director of SEO

We are really happy with the kind of services that you provided to our customers which helped our brand to reach new heights.

However, I also appreciate the fact that you people have been timely and precise enough in delivering the reports to us which helped us to easily keep an eye on the progress of our project. Also, you people were really great while communicating with us.

Your professional yet friendly behavior helped us to make you understand our pain-points without any hassle. In case, we come across any such organization which is in a need for some great SEO services like what you guys provided to us, we are definitely going to recommend you.

Michelle Czarnowski

Head of Marketing

I am really thankful to have Blurbpoint working with me on my project. I have been working with the team since long and they were working very hard and fast to meet the deadlines of the different modules of my project on time.

Besides I would also recommend them who are looking forward to grow their business at reasonable cost. However, I am really impressed with what you have done. Due to your ability to rank my keywords high and create impressive articles, my business is rapidly growing now.

People are knowing more and more about my business with each passing day. I just loved the fact that your experts are really incredible professionals!! I would certainly like to work with you guys in near future.

George Brian

Small Business Owner